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During the War [Sometimes referred to as the Flower Crown War] the West was in a state of chaos while the East was in full swing panic, shutting down every port and beginning to encourage virtuous citizens to take up arms and join the military. Meanwhile, back in the West, the Southern Republic had temporarily shut its border and put up enough of a fight that Lotus reasoned the small territory simply wasn’t worth it at the moment. The NES, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as lucky. They were a bigger area and there were already a decent number of labs within its borders. Lotus couldn’t bear to part with all that progress, so she aggressively attacked until finally, after three entire months, the NES was out of able bodied fighters and had no choice but to surrender. Lotus had also made the Western Democratic Territories, the country between the NES and Southern Republic, her new residence by beheading the former president, Alec Reyes.

It was around this time that Western rebel movements began. Thousands of citizens began to meet in secret to brain storm ways to drive Lotus out of power and reclaim their country. Harrison Verendix was one of the most prominent rebel leaders and reasoned that the country would need the help of other sympathetic territories if they wanted any chance of victory.

This is where the Kavik States come in. The Kavik States at the time was a highly wealthy and generous country that seemed almost Utopian at times. They were known for their willingness to aid allies as well as their astounding military might. The Kavik was the most stable territory during these tumultuous times and the Western rebels figured they would be the most likely to offer assistance. Harrison Verendix sent his most trusted assistant, Lauren Carrien, overseas to negotiate.

Lauren arrived at the Kavik States’ capitol of Uja in December of 1997. She carried with her plans to create a rebel militia comprised of the country’s most skilled fighters. She met the Kavik’s president, Hasa Nabare, who at first did not believe that her plan would work. Lauren managed to convince her to give it a shot, on the condition that Hasa had full control of the program.

In January of 1998 Hasa ventured to the West in secret to meet with Harrison Verendix face to face. During this meeting it was confirmed that this militia program would be referred to as the Crews and would initially start with three main Crews positioned in Energy City, Daegon and The City.The sponsors for these crews were also chosen. They would be Nahana Jabitz (The Kavik States’ Vice President), Jimak Gasaja (A close friend of Hasa’s), and Saelus Harmone (A Fae peacekeeper).

The program is fully launched following this meeting. People from all over the country apply, but a staggering majority are turned away because they are either physically unfit or do not fit the age group allotted. A total of 65 applicants were accepted and were handpicked by the sponsors to create the best crews possible. Shortly thereafter the assistance of Lorra Valente and Apheadas Tudor were requested to help properly train recruits.

By the end of May 1998 the Crews are becoming household names. The Jinake Bekkers, lead by Nahana, protect The City. Espere, lead by Saelus, monitors Energy City. Shadow Grid, lead by Jimak, oversees Daegon. Ties with the Fae Republic also strengthen as news of Saelus’ engagement to the Queen breaks. It is also around this time that things steadily worsen for the NES. Labs are becoming common fixtures in all towns and cities, and the percentage of experiments in the country begins to exceed that of non-genetically tampered individuals. The West has had a bit more luck slowing the expansion of experimentation programs. The Crews have viciously fought off scouts and collectors associated with the program and have also tampered with construction sites, making them unsuitable for the creation of labs.

In July of ’98 Harrison decides it is time to become more proactive in the fight against Lotus. He orders a raid against one of her largest labs in the Outskirts, which proves to be victorious. Hundreds of experiments were freed and given proper medical care. Countless Lotus sympathizers were killed. Millions of dollars in equipment was demolished. And most importantly, a numerous amount of logs and research notes were collected, revealing insider information on other labs as well as the sort of materials that were essential to Lotus’ efforts.

This single raid lifted the people’s spirits and pushed many of them to go as far as demand that Harrison become the new president. It also convinced the people to put more faith in the Crews as well as the alliance with the Kavik States. In November of 1998 Hasa Nabare, the sponsors, and the people of the West unanimously and officially declare Harrison the president of the Western Democratic Territories. Harrison, in turn, declares Lauren Carrien his vice president.

The rebel movement continues to thrive and the West actually manages to begin to stabilize. Harrison and Lauren have miraculously begun to drive Lotus farther and farther north. During a speech that Lauren delivers around this time, she expresses that she believes the War is virtually won. Harrison, however, says this is far from true because just because Lotus is no longer in the West doesn’t mean no one else is suffering her tyranny. As time goes on there seems to be a tension that grows between Lauren and Harrison. Then slowly, Lauren begins to dominate the spotlight and Harrison becomes rather irritated with her. She begins to speak for him and attempts to put words in his mouth.

Then, in March of 1999, Harrison gives a state of the union. It is during this address that he is shot and killed. The gunman is never found, but people are quick to speculate that it was Lotus taking her revenge. Lauren then succeeds Harrison as the president. Lauren is quick to tell the nation that this tragedy will not stop their efforts against the Lotus. She has been pushed so far north that she has now made the NES her new official residency. The people turn their hopes to the Crews and the Kavik States. Many openly express a desire for Hasa Nabare to address the nation, since she is now considered Lauren’s assistant and the most likely to be given power were Lauren to be killed.

Lauren then requests a meeting with Hasa and very bluntly tells her that her alliance is no longer needed. Hasa, obviously, tries to talk sense into the president, but to no avail. Hasa and the Kavikan sponsors are rounded up and sent back to the States. Lauren plans to deport every Kavikan living within the West and to create a law barring trade and general communication between the Kavik States and the West. This law completely shuns and outlaws the country that had helped them in their time of need.

On the eve of Lauren announcing this new law the Kavikan capitol of Uja is bombed by a vengeful Lotus and in the process Nahana Jabitz is killed. The attack had been done under the impression that the Kavik States and the West were still allies. The attack also strikes fear into the hearts of the other Eastern nations, who are quick to sever any ties they had with the Kavik States.

Meanwhile overseas, Lauren has launched her new law and has created propaganda targeting the Kavikans and their Hellot roots. She weaves a story claiming that Hasa was a terribly wicked sinner who has been allied with Lotus, and was plotting to steal away the entire West through an assassination plot targeted at Lauren. The people of the West are shocked, but see no reason to distrust their president. New sponsors are put in the places of Jimak and Nahana, one of which is Maia, Lotus’ younger sister. Eventually, Saelus, who is not at all fooled by Lauren’s tricks, retires from being a sponsor and flees to the Fae Republic, unable to feel safe in the West. Opal, previously the sponsor of the Shadow Grid, is quickly transferred to the Espere. Lauren, who didn’t want to find third sponsor, decided to leave the crew of Daegon without proper guidance because they were towards the outer area of the country. Gradually the Shadow Grid fades from the spotlight.

November of 1999. The Crews of the West are slowly deteriorating without the guidance and funding of the Kavikans. Lauren Carrien has no head for strategy and repeatedly makes costly mistakes. Lotus slowly recaptures more and more territory. Meanwhile the Kavik States are still helping their Eastern neighbors, even if they refuse to acknowledge them. Hasa cannot bear to turn a blind eye to anyone after the treatment she and her people received. Hell has begun funneling money into the States to help them rebuild, and this money is probably the one thing that kept the country from collapsing.

It is on a particularly cold day in January 2000 that Lotus pushes her way into Lauren’s office. The president had never expected to come face to face with the tyrant. Lotus’ rage was directed at whoever lead the rebellious country that had attempted to make a fool of her. It’s said that Lauren’s last words were mostly pleas, and a handful of confessions. One of which was that she was behind the assassination of Harrison Verendix and had later killed the hit-man to keep him quiet. Lotus then shot her, once in the chest, in a fashion that mimicked the way Harrison had been shot.

After Lauren’s death the West returned to Lotus’ ownership, and stayed in her hands unquestionably until the second rise of Crews. Meanwhile, the East completely shunned the West in a similar manner to how they shunned the Kavik until Lotus was undoubtedly dead. The Kavik continued to rebuild with Hasa as the president until 2014, when she stepped down from office and Dunissja Anade was elected in her stead. It was not until mid 2016 that the West (now Moxidius) finally remade contact with the Kavik and is currently trying to re-strengthen their old alliance.

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