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Around 2001 was when the anarchy began to cause the West more downfall. This was after the Elders disbanded and Almine changed her name to Meridan. She was later known as Lotus. Lotus had two daughters, one who was recently born in October. She was trying to have as many children as possible to find the perfect heir to succeed her and keep watch over the elemental kingdom she had recently taken over- Darkness. It was around this time that Lotus had begun making more and more labs throughout the West. She resided in the Outskirts and had many acres of her own personal land. Her main lab, the Infinity, was located under her mansion. It was also dubbed “The Basement of Hell” by outsiders.

Lotus began her most important operations from the base, and her experimental work became impressively honed. Her first few successful human experiments were on the rise, and some of them included her two daughters, Reyn and Olivera. Olivera was more heavily experimented on and Lotus began to focus more on the girls until they were old enough to go to the lab.

During this time, large illegal markets formed in the West. Arenas began to become very prominent and Battle Royale style fighting became commonplace. With the country being in a state of panic and poverty, citizens were doing anything to support their families. Not only this, but the rich would purchase experiments as their slaves and often enjoyed watching gladiator-style fights between them. Lotus also used these arenas which were often rigged to make money to buy more chemicals and equipment for experimentation. One of the biggest arenas in the Outskirts, as well as the most brutal, was the Daegon Coliseum which only had three victors in history: Lione Roar, Fox Verendix, and Io (also known as the Ghost).

The Daegon Coliseum was viewed as one of the most difficult to survive, with ridiculous rules set in place to ensure that achieving total victory was near impossible. One young boy by the name of Foxglove Verendix, though, was able to completely annihilate his competition without lifting a finger the majority of the time. He became a legend who then started up a gang, the Sex City Killers, which he funded with his winnings.

The slave trade and experiment trafficking markets were booming in the early 2000’s in the West. Many rich nobles purchased their own experiments for housemaids and personal amusement. Gang violence was extreme and increasing in severity, which left average citizens at risk for danger. More Crews formed to help protect the everyday people. This was when a sort of Underground Railroad was formed for escaped experiments and people who needed to get away from the violence and threats. The Opal District in the Capitol became a refuge for many escaped victims of violence and experimentation.

Lotus on the other hand had recently married again and now had three daughters, all born a year apart. All of the girls were now in the Infinity and were fighting in arenas. Olivera had her own group, the ‘29 Gang, who often roamed the streets of the Outskirts looking for criminals to bring in for experimentation while bringing justice to the more innocent. Lotus eventually began to lose her patience with the eldest girl and tried to drown her out of hatred for her fire channeling abilities. Her sister Maia rescued her niece in time and Lotus didn’t bother to go after her.

Around this time, Olivera began to lose her sanity and Lotus took this to her advantage, brainwashing the girl to use to her advantage. It was becoming staggeringly clear that Olivera would be the chosen heir. However, Lotus wanted to wait until Olivera was at least ten years old to decide. She later announced her engagement to the girl and planned to have the both of them lead New Heaven together. During this time, Olivera’s gang members failed Lotus as experiments and most escaped. The Outskirts and the Western ports were in the worst condition at the time, and the country was virtually cut off from the rest of the world.

Eventually, Lotus’s own psyche began to crumble more than it already had. She wasn’t able to get over Olivera’s natural hair color and threw her off a nearby cliff next to the mansion. She never saw her sister fly in and rescue the girl before she hit the rocks and churning waves of the gorge below. Later on, Lotus tried to strangle her last daughter (who was rescued by her father and given to her aunt) and her second husband left and sailed out to sea. Lotus had also faked her death to her first husband after he took Akane to keep him from returning. The man vanished into the night. Later had tried to make another baby, but the girl did not fit her standards and she left her on one of the mountains in the northern part of the country. The girl lived on to become Noemi’s long-lost sister who grew up with a mountain tribe. Her first husband had already escaped to the Opal District in the Capitol. Shortly after, Olivera committed suicide in the garden of Maia’s mansion. It was believed that she planned to return as a Reality Conscious once she was strong enough to kill her mother once and for all.

In the time that Olivera was gone, Lotus managed two more children; a daughter she named Lillian (later Nao Vercalis) who became her heir and watched over the Darkness Kingdom, and a son she named Ozzie (later Kuro Li Roux) who she eventually tried to kill and left to die in the royal woodland area around the Darkness Castle. He later lived to be the current co-ruler and king of the Darkness Kingdom after the war ended. Lotus had also changed her name to Aylen. The West was in true anarchy for years to come, until late 2014.

By late 2013, the new crews on the rise in the West were fighting hard against Lotus. The Dreyms (lead by Dreyus Rendeev) and the Unknowns (then known as Sibrel’s Crew) protected The City. Daegon was protected by Fox Verendix and the Off Gridders (lead by Aaron). However, Energy City’s main crew (Indigo Fire)  was finally formed on August 24th and was lead by Noemi Li Roux. Noemi was a new Conscious at the time and didn’t get her memories from her past life until a few months later. She learned that Olivera was her past life around October, and this was when the focus shifted.

The new Crews were more misguided and did not have adults in their lives yet who could direct them or tell them about the history of the West or exactly what they were fighting for. They were under the misconception for the longest time that the Elders were the enemy, and were finally educated by Lorra Valente around Halloween of 2014 that Lotus was the prime target. Not only this, but some of the last remaining Elders were found by Dreyus and Sibrel along with their Crews. Heavily experimented on, some of them died immediately. However, it was enough proof to show the new Crews who the real enemy was. Around this time, fighting against Lotus took it’s turn. She was weaker, and eventually her daughter Lillian was rescued. Lillian had been mind-jacked and brain washed so heavily, she barely remembered her childhood. She was scarred deeply, mentally and physically, but Noemi managed to save her half sister who was able to help the rebel cause. Lillian later changed her name to Nao.

Noemi began her most famous work in late 2014 and early 2015 by freeing scores of experiments. Her secret weapon was her own ability to hold more powers than Lotus, and she used magic to harmlessly extract the chemicals that mind-controlled experiments to help them find their senses and old memories. From there, the rebel armies were forming from citizens who wanted to help the cause to freed experiments united under Noemi who wanted to take their revenge against Lotus and bring back the West. These armies were known as the Pyro, the Arcanus and the Umbra. Underground bases were built to hold supplies and provide housing for many citizens in need of shelter from the fighting. From there, the rebel army thrived underground and undetected. The Crews found new motivation in their surge of power against Lotus. Noemi was even able to invade the Infinity multiple times and freed experiments right under her mother’s nose.

By December, the Crews had pushed Lotus to a near breaking point. Noemi regularly fought her mother in the streets and could get rid of her in a mere few hits. However, Lotus remained alive for a very long time because of the way she was connected to the dimension. Lotus had stolen the incredibly important Guardian powers which the dimension itself created, and all of her hundreds of powers rooted her to DD itself. Noemi was not given the cue to finally kill Lotus since even if they did manage to shoot her with a star shot, she might cause the dimension to crash into Reality. This would obviously cause mass panic in people from both dimensions.

The rebel commander's patience finally broke when Lotus murdered members of two main Crews, the Ruby Lengas and the Steam lead by Lorra Valente and Semmirra Lestrange- Two friends known in her circles. Noemi and Dreyus began making a plan to kill Lotus once and for all, using the help of their soul-splicers. Noemi eventually made it a rebel operation and called it Project Pond Lily so that Lotus supporters and Loyalists wouldn’t pick up on it too quickly if it was exposed. Finally, on the night of Christmas Day, the rebel attack began. Angered by the deaths of their friends, the Crews had finally had enough. Dreyus had told Noemi that night that it didn’t matter anymore what happened to the dimensions, and that the goal was to have Lotus finally dead. Noemi dug up the file from Project Pond Lily and alerted the united rebel armies that they were to fight all through the night to get to Lotus. She acquired a starshot arrow from one of her assistants (Kanasha) and went to battle; fighting for not only the country and her friends, but her family and children at home.

Lotus had long since learned of the attack and sent out every able-bodied experiment in the country to fight the rebels. The Crews retaliated, and the streets of the Outskirts ran red that night and into the day. Crews from all over the country and the elemental kingdoms fought valiantly beside Noemi. Many important lives were lost during the great battle, and there were hordes of dead in the streets by noon. By the night of December 26th, 2015, Lotus was cornered. Her last words were a mix of spite and exaggeration as she told her daughter that she still loved her, probably in a mock attempt to make Noemi feel bad for what she was to do. Noemi and Lotus fought until approximately 8:49pm when Noemi’s soul-splicer, Tokoro, took Lotus’s powers away. Noemi absorbed the powers and used a full-force attack that shook the ground to bring her mother to her knees. Aiming the starshot and letting go of the fateful arrow, Noemi ended the fighting as Lotus finally took her last breath at 8:50pm.

They say the West was never quieter as various television stations filmed the event. All that could be seen was Noemi Li Roux with her mother’s body. After a rather maniac laugh, Noemi stood up and announced, “LOTUS IS DEAD! WE HAVE WON THE WAR, MY REBELS!” She then burned the body of Lotus and a large wind swept in from the western coast and scattered the ashes of the tyrant across the streets of Energy City. Noemi turned with a solemn and hollowed look and marched to the Infinity by herself, instructing no one to follow. By then, the last experiments were freed and all valuable resources and information were taken out of the building. The only things left were chemicals, broken equipment, tears, and the souls and fading echos of the lost. Noemi set the entire basement ablaze, scorching the entire Infinity except the walls. The mansion itself still stands, but nothing of the inside remains aside from the charred walls and the pungent odor of burned chemicals; along with the memories held by all the victims forced to live in the underground terror that was Lotus's main laboratory.

Later, Noemi Li Roux had much pressure from the citizens to take leadership of the country and eventually elected herself as the leader of the West. Currently the country has changed its name to Moxidius and there are three standing mutualistic dictators; Noemi Li Roux leads all military and government protection & security organizations, Dreyus Rendeev takes care of any law functions including the judicial system and checks and balances, and Fox Verendix devotes his time to Social Services such as rebuilding efforts and anything to do with the public and keeping good conditions for the citizens of Moxidius. The country is rebuilding at a steady rate and renewing bonds with the other countries. Alliances have been formed with Eastern countries and being renewed with the Kavik States and Hell, etc. Moxidius also helped the Southern Republic uncover a terrorist organization trying to start another experiment war, not to mention giving the residents of Radix Prim information which helped them quench the Ganem Company once and for all.

Things are rebuilding, times are changing, and the dimension is overall a better place. There is hardly a need for Crews anymore, but no one will forget the lives lost and the anarchy in the Western countries. Many memorials have been put up, and restoration efforts are still a long way from finished. However, the War is finally over, something everyone in the Dream Dimension should be thankful for.

Many thanks to Dooni for helping me edit this page and give me little reminders of things I forgot/details that were off. -Noemi

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