Theo is an older man is his mid-twenties with dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Theo is very laid back and relaxed and most things don't phase him. He's always very welcoming towards anyone who walks into the cafe and allows most things as long as they're legal (and if they aren't legal all he asks is that you get rid of the evidence).


Theo is human so he doesn't have any powers. He also isn't skilled with any weaponry.


He's Emmet's, Christina's, and Rowan's boss. He gets along well with all of the crew members and he's sort of like a parental figure to many of them, including his own employees.


  • "Whoa! A Christmas tree??? In my toilet??? You guys are awesome."
  • "Christina, I'd never fire you, calm down."
  • "As long as the police don't come looking do whatever you like."
  • "Please clean up the blood before you go, Christina's already super stressed."

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