Togami was the affluent prodigy from Danganronpa, and is quite stuck up.


Togami has blue eyes, glasses, short, neat, blond hair, and always has a triumphant smirk or irritated look on his face. He is tall and stands in a dignified way as if he's royalty.


Togami is an arrogant rich kid who sees himself to be much more superior to others because of him being the heir to an extremely successful family business. He is often cold, blunt, and reserved, but he has a deviously manipulative tendency. He is also extremely reluctant to admit to any mistakes he might have committed. Togami is also exceptionally bright, being able to solve murders quickly and effectively.

Powers & Abilities

He doesn't fight at all, but if something needs to be figured out he can be very useful.


He was one of the few students who survived Junko's messed up game in the Danganronpa world. Within the game he was an extremely rich heir to a huge empire but upon surviving the madness of Hope's Peak he realized his empire had fallen apart. When Aaron got interested in Danganronpa he was one of the people he met and Dreyus decided this guy needed somewhere to settle down.


Fukawa/Genocider has a giant crush on him, but he doesn't care for them at all.


  • "Money is power."
  • "Fukawa don't you dare."
  • "Peasant."


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