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Togo Casey

Togo Jamie Casey is a member of Indigo Fire that Noemi took in when his mother died and he had no one else to turn to. He was a soldier in the Rebellion and continues to train soldiers as he did during the time of the War.

Togo (Indigo Fire) 2
Togo (Indigo Fire)


Togo is rather short for his age since he is 15 years old, he has blond hair and dog ears that stick up out of his messy hair. He has fair skin and often wears military clothes since he stays on duty a lot of the time.


Togo is a sweet boy and has improved greatly since the end of the War. His mother was killed and she was the only family he had left, but Noemi invited him to join the crew and he quickly learned to fight so he could aid Indigo Fire and the rebels to win the War. Determined and full of courage, Togo braved through the heat of the war and stood by the side of Indigo Fire, never faltering even in the worst of battles. No one can deny his bravery and he feels indebted to the crew, Noemi mostly, for saving him after Lotus's police murdered his ailing mother in an alleyway and keeping him off the street.

Abilities & Powers

Togo's weapon of choice is a gun, and he owns two duel pistols. He is a dog were and he can turn into pretty much any canine. He doesn't need to use his powers much anymore since the War is over but he does assist the Moxidius Police force and trains army soldiers. He is home-schooled and has excelled greatly since he began his education. When he becomes an adult, Togo wants to join the police and work to stop crime the right way. This dream was sparked by his hunger for justice as a young boy and can finally be fulfilled now that Moxidius is being repaired and has a real police force. Otherwise, none can doubt his determination, courage, and bravery that was displayed during the War. In the Final Battle, Togo helped lead the Arcanus army to victory against Lotus's forces along with the other members of Indigo Fire and many other crews.


Togo isn't an adult, but he does train rookie soldiers under the supervision of others and is quite good at what he does. As of now he is also training to be a police officer and assists cops in missions every now and then since he is part of an authorized crew. Though this is true he is home-schooled and doesn't miss his lessons.


Togo has a crush on Fawn, the babysitter for Noemi and Zoro's children. Zoro is like a father to Togo at times and helped him during fights. Togo also has respect for Kyoya, who helped him learn to read and showed him an online schooling website.



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