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Chopper is the doctor from the Straw Hat pirates and is also on Noemi's Crew in dd.



Chopper is half reindeer and half human. Depending on his form, he has antlers, a blue nose, and is covered with light brown fur. He also wears his signature hats and shorts. Chopper is known for being somewhat cowardly, but will fight if he has to. He was given the name 'Chopper' by his old caretaker, Dr. Hiluluk after he took out some trees in his rage and the doctor said he chopped them down with ease. Chopper was originally a reindeer who was isolated in his herd for his unusual blue nose. He ate the Human Human fruit to be able to change into a human though, but was also driven out by humans and called a monster. Though this is true, Chopper trained under two human doctors and eventually joined the Straw Hats before going to dd and going to Noemi's crew.

Chopper final form

Chopper's final form


Despite his tragic past, Chopper is usually bright and happy and is great with offering moral support. He has a caring and passionate personality and does is best to help people in need. Chopper never discriminates against individuals who are in need of medical care as well, and even helps Marines in the anime. Chopper is also not restricted to humans and acts as a vet too.

Chopper deer form

Chopper's deer form

Abilities & Powers

Chopper is a doctor and a fighter. He does not have healing powers, but he can make medicine and knows how to treat wounds and sicknesses. He cares for all types of people and animals and takes care of the veterinary duties on Noemi's crew with Indigo Fire's many pets. Chopper works alongside Kyoya and the other medical professionals and contributes his full effort in hospitals and vet clinics in Moxidius. Chopper is credited with inventing a weapon called the "rumble ball" that is a ball-shaped pill he can eat during battle to increase his size and gain access to more powerful forms. Though this is true, his time in his rumble ball forms is limited and he can use only 3 rumble balls per day or he risks death. After using this power, Chopper often passes out and is very tired.



Chopper human form

Chopper's most human form

Chopper is best friends with Usopp and Luffy, his captain and mostly stays around the rest of the healers and doctors on the crew. He can talk to all the crew's pets and gets along well with the children too. Chopper is also dating Clover, a half pony and half cow from Equestria. He loves her very much and the two plan on starting a family one day. Otherwise, Chopper gets along pretty well with the rest of the crew since he is friendly and compassionate.



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