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Tree is one of the sons of Noemi and Zoro and is one of the most power children on the crew.


Tree is a very pale boy and smaller than his siblings, especially his seemingly twin brother Leif. He has longish, shaggy, green hair that he never really cuts much or keeps neat. It covers his eyes a lot, in addition to the glasses he wears. Mostly this is to hide his face and the scar that was inflicted over his left eye by a dark-magic user. He has a small mole on the left side of his chin and also has a striped green tiger tail and ears. He returned from the dead as a fullblood angel when Lotus experimented on him as well. He was born weak and died before she brought him back and changed him.


These days though, Tree is one of Noemi's most powerful offspring, even if it is hidden most of the time. He has some mental illness and doesn't like to talk or interact much with people. Sometimes he does not answer when spoken to. Regardless, Tree doesn't let these things stop him from studying.

Abilities & Powers

Tree is a fullblood angel, tiger were, and strong magic user. He had a Dark magic encounter and has a scar over his left eye. He can fight if he needs to, but prefers not to. He is above-level with his studying and is learning to use all of his powers efficiently and properly. He fought in the battle that killed Rose Daymare once and for all, leading the children to victory over the monsters the daymare angel sent upon them. These days, he goes to Hogwarts Elementary boarding school in the Darkness Kingdom in the Ravenclaw house.


Tree was born stillborn, however Lotus dug up his grave and resurrected him. She gave him the powers of a fullblood angel. Noemi and Indigo Fire had to go to Limbo to rescue him and battled two grotesque creatures that were guarding the boy. After this startling event, Noemi and Zoro simply raised Tree with his twin Leif until he was old enough to go to school. The events that occurred when he was a baby have obviously left their mark on him, but he still continues to live as normal of a life as possible.


Tree is close to his other siblings and cousins who go to Hogwarts, primarily his twin brother Leif, his cousin Ursalia, and his mother Noemi.



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