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Uriel is one of the seven archangels of the Lord and is in charge of sorting the deceased into the damned, the enlightened, and the reborn at the Gates of Heaven.


Uriel is the shortest of all the archangels, standing at only 4 feet 8 inches (142 centimeters) tall. He has a baby face, as well as very light blond hair that tends to fall into his eyes. His eyes are a light green color, and are large like a young child's. He often defies his specified dress code while on the job and wears pastel colored hoodies and beanies. He also has a silver labret.


Uriel can be very sarcastic and has an exceedingly dry sense of humor. He doesn't enjoy working and would much rather lay around all day. Out of all the archangels, or even possibly all angels in general, he is the most open about his dislike towards the council and their crooked teachings. Uriel is also fearless when it comes to the punishment of Damnation, stating that Heaven is in ways worse than Hell. He speaks his mind often, and at times doesn't seem to filter what he says. Uriel is very stubborn as well, and once he says he will not do something, he will not do it no matter what. This also works the other way. If Uriel says he'll do a friend a favor he will find a way to get it done no matter what.


Uriel has never been in the spotlight when it comes to the Gods and always prefers to spend his time with humans. However, he was very popular with the first God and the Lady Mira. She was the fifth female God and was also the first God to rule under the influence of the council. Uriel was very vocal about his hatred towards the council and refused to recognize them despite the looming threat of being damned. He is also known for his art and architecture which decorates virtually all of Heaven. However, after Mira's rule the council changed his job and refused to allow him any influence over Heaven's inner workings and stuck him outside the Gates working the toll booth.

Powers and Abilities

Uriel is a light eternal and therefore can manipulate light energy. This is his go to method of fighting. Because he is a full blood angel he in immortal to even starshots. Uriel is also very intelligent despite his way of speech and mannerisms. He's capable of making deductions about a person's personality just by seeing their mannerisms and knowing basic facts about them. He is most likely able to do this so well because he's met many different types of people through his job, and is a bit of an expert on the human psyche at this point.


Zadkiel is Uriel's boss, and the two have a very playful relationship. Often time Zad teases his employee over his height. Raphael is also very well acquainted with Uriel since he continuously gets himself injured. Jophiel is Uriel's closest friend.


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