Urishia Jayden Haratabi

She is a close ally of Ryule's and works for an organisation that helps to aid the rebel forces.

Appearance and Personality

Urishia has dark, bone-straight hair and hazel eyes as well as Asian features such as slanted eyes and short height. She is very formal, especially when communicating with strangers and she has been told she has a unique way of speaking.She is also very cautious and untrusting, preferring not to unviel too much personal information in a conversation. She is also very shrewd but can easily forget simple things such as names or confuse her lefts and her rights.

Abilities and Powers

Urishia is not a halfing, a mage, or an immortal. She is a simple human. She is extremely crafty and can pick locks of even the most complex variety. A majority of things in her hands can also be used as a weapon, but Ryule is the true master at that art form.

, mario wibisono, девушка, азиатка, кимоно, взгляд, серьги, 3425x2480


Urishia is a close ally of Ryule's. She does not know anyone else well enough yet.

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