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Ursalia Featherwick Lupian

Ursalia Feather is Nao's daughter and one of Lotus's first experiments. She used to go by Featherwick Lacy Verendix before taking back the name her father gave her. Now she is Ursalia Featherwick Lupian. By coincidence, her first name might stem from a city in the Fae Republic.


Ursalia Feather is a young girl. She has long, cream colored hair that is very thin.


She has deep, wheat-gold colored eyes that are always glazed over since she spends most of her time thinking. She wears dresses which are always mostly white if not all.


Ursalia is a shy girl with some mental disturbances. She mostly keeps calm and collective, as well as quiet unless she is with her family. She has a quiet personality and will only talk to members of the crew she trusts or feels safe around. She is very thin and scarred mentally and physically from her time with Lotus. Ursalia talks to herself from time-to-time or the spirits she sees. She has vivid nightmares like Noemi and sometimes wakes up screaming. She has panic attacks and sometimes she has visions from her past. She sometimes claims to see her dead family (slaughtered by Lotus before her eyes) in her dreams. Ursalia grew up on a farm in the Darkness Kingdom after Nao gave her to them when she was a newborn to avoid having the girl taken away. Recently, her true origin resurfaced through lost memories and it was discovered that she was Nao's second twin daughter and Lusa's sister. All of the family's memories had been tampered with until Noemi gave the memories back. Although Ursalia is reunited with most of her family, none of them will forget the crushing death of her father and Nao's previous husband, Ursarus.

Abilities & Powers

Ursalia does not fight since she is a child and very ill. Although this is true, she is a wolf were and can see spirits, as well as guide them. She goes to Hogwarts Elementary boarding school and mostly sticks around her cousin, Tree Roronoa and her sister, Lusa Lupian. The two have unseen powerful abilities according to Noemi, but it is said that as the children grow their true power will surface.



Ursalia is close to her Aunt Noemi and her cousin Tree. She is trusting of her mother Nao, now and has a close bond with her outgoing and energetic twin sister Lusa; who often gets her out of her shell and can cheer her up when she needs it.



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