Hello everyone! My name is Amber and I'm a new Conscious.

I became a Conscious a few days ago and today I brought it up with my friend Elly (But she says you all know her better as Andrea) and she told me about this place. I'm still pretty disoriented about all of this, and I'm a little confused but reading some of the information pages on here helped!

Anyway some stuff that I currently know: I think I'm a were, but I'm not sure. I have these pointed ears that stick out but they don't look like dog or cat ears. I also have abnormally long and sharp incisor teeth. I also have really strange multi coloured eyes, the left one is dark blue and the right one is almost aqua. So I made an eyepath to cover the abnormally colored one. I also don't know where I am. All I know is that I woke up at a hotel and when I asked the lady at the front desk where I was she said the room I was in was assigned to a Miss Amber Annoa and that the hotel I was staying at was called the Norme Ettonant. But like any sensible person I left that hotel. I'm still in the same city, but I don't think it's Energy City because I haven't seen any portals, I know it's not the Outskirts place, and I think it might be the City or something like that. I'm surrounded by large houses and shopping centers.

But um enough about me in DD. I'm sure that's not all you guys talk about here. I'm a pretty big Dubstep geek and am in love with Monster Cat and XKito's uploads. I'm a bookworm too and have read the Mortal Instruments series, the Witch and the Wizard, and the Inkheart Trilogy, just to name a few. I can't write for my life, and I can't draw either. I can't do much of anything except play the flute. And I think that's it....

Well I hope I can get to know more about DD and stuff before I end up getting run over by car.

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