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  • Aeries Vholt

    Dreamt Awards Reboot

    November 14, 2015 by Aeries Vholt

    The title says it all. Here's the first round of voting, also I'm not sure exactly when the epsiode for it will be, probably sometime around late December/early January. If you need more details just ask, though I feel it's all sort of obvious.


    Suggestions for Categories:

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Jamie has given me a great idea recently to help get us all in the spooky spirit! We're going to be having a halloween profile picture contest! The rules are simple. Change your icon into something halloween themed and then submit it for the contest by the deadline which is October 10. There will be 4 categories that your icon may fall under and 4 rounds of voting to see who will win each category. The prize will be 2 free items of your choice from the store, along with a special badge to prove that you won that category. Second place winners will get 1 free item.

    The categories your profile picture can fall under are as follows:

    Cute - A cute icon that is still halloween themed

    Nightmare Fuel - Scary as fuck picture that would give Ryule nightma…

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Just a few updates and stuff about pages...

    • Mavis is going to be down for the rest of the week due to repairs and stuff so ;___;
    • I'm going to be trying to add the quotes section to all the pages, and then people can fill them in as they go along.
    • Also I've started putting links on all the names on the crew pages just so that whenever you feel like making pages it's easier to see who has a page and who doesn't because anyone without a page will be colored red.
    • Also Zeke really wants us to make page guidelines and admin guidelines so any requests you have for guidelines just state them below.
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  • Aeries Vholt

    Finally Back

    June 26, 2015 by Aeries Vholt

    Hi everyone I'm back after being away for a few weeks! --waves to you--

    Yeah so now that you're all so excited and happy I'm back (I see you in the background Sibrel, hoping I bring presents of new episodes) I'm going to dump a shit ton of information on you! Yay! Be prepared for a long blog post, it's all kind of important though so don't skip it all.

    First order of business, getting everyone to wake the fuck up again and come back.

    So, as you all can see, this wiki is on damn life-support. If Noemi stops updating her log the wiki will be 100% dead. And well Kale made that blog about the Edit Eaters and how we're all going to bring the wiki back, but uh we only group edit like once a week. And even then some people really skimp on the edits.…

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  • Aeries Vholt

    So, not all of you know this but the Wiki is turning 1 year old on April 21. And I think everyone can agree that we should do something special for this. But I don't think we should just have a huge party on the 21st, nope that doesn't do the wiki justice. I mean, for some of us this wiki is our escape, it's like our sacred little haven, and it deserves to be celebrated in a giant epic way.

    So we shall not have 1 day of celebration, or 2, or 3, but 12. Yes I said 12. It all starts on April 9. Each day will be something new to help celebrate and it will all lead up to the mega chat party on the 21st. And if you're not at the party I'm assuming you've abandoned the wiki.

    Now, I'm still not sure what we'll be doing for everyday, but I have an i…

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