Hi everyone I'm back after being away for a few weeks!
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--waves to you--

Yeah so now that you're all so excited and happy I'm back (I see you in the background Sibrel, hoping I bring presents of new episodes) I'm going to dump a shit ton of information on you! Yay! Be prepared for a long blog post, it's all kind of important though so don't skip it all.

First order of business, getting everyone to wake the fuck up again and come back.

So, as you all can see, this wiki is on damn life-support. If Noemi stops updating her log the wiki will be 100% dead. And well Kale made that blog about the Edit Eaters and how we're all going to bring the wiki back, but uh we only group edit like once a week. And even then some people really skimp on the edits. (*cough* Douglas *cough*) Therefore we're going to need to take more long-term measures. I refuse to have this summer be a repeat of the Summer of '14! [A.K.A Last summer]

So I'm kind of going to borrow Andy's idea from her blog (Sorry Andy, but you haven't done a thing with it!) and I'm going to try to have a ton of cool new interesting updates and events.... maybe a few episodes .... (Sibrel's excitement intensifies) and hopefully everyone who's lazing around tanning or whatever the hell will come back and then we can have ourselves another edit war the week before school starts up again. (I might make this edit war a bit longer so more people have a chance to join) Anyway, maybe you guys can go spread around the word (I know Zeke has already been sending people colorful flyers designed by Aaron) and we can get this wiki revived.

Second order of business, getting pages made for people.

So pretty much I have this grand idea in mind for a really nice video that I'll be collaborating on with Aaron (everyone suddenly sits up as they remember his kawaii-and-awesome-as-fuck MEP) and well anyone who doesn't have a page can't be included. I need to have a general idea about everyone I'm putting in the video so if you don't have a page I can't include you. So, (looks pointedly at Semmirra and Lorra and possibly Romeo???, oh and Noemi too) get those pages out! You don't have to do them all today, but on July 3rd whoever is page-less is also video-less. That's seven whole days to get working. Also, we just need more pages on the wiki in general so if you're bored just go make a page about a place or a person or an animal but no spam. (*cough* EM *cough*)

Third kind of order of business...Getting some blog to 1,000.

I don't know why but I want to do it. It was so fun the first time around and we kind of started to do it again a while ago...but then we stopped. (I blame everyone who left to go 'soak up the rays' as Mal says) So let's try for a third time! (Englishman twitches at the word third) It doesn't matter whether it's this blog (I prefer it be this blog since we'll be doing a lot with it) or the Englishman's original, let's just bring back that commenting spirit! Not like we have better shit to do...

And finally...


Just try to have fun this summer, okay? I know a bunch of you are having a rough time, so don't be afraid to rant and complain and post memes and all that. We're here for you. *I know I sound so corny but it's true* So with that said, bye for now!

(wow this took me 40 entire minutes to write)

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