Jamie has given me a great idea recently to help get us all in the spooky spirit! We're going to be having a halloween profile picture contest! The rules are simple. Change your icon into something halloween themed and then submit it for the contest by the deadline which is October 10. There will be 4 categories that your icon may fall under and 4 rounds of voting to see who will win each category. The prize will be 2 free items of your choice from the store, along with a special badge to prove that you won that category. Second place winners will get 1 free item.

The categories your profile picture can fall under are as follows:

Cute - A cute icon that is still halloween themed

Nightmare Fuel - Scary as fuck picture that would give Ryule nightmares

Roses are Red so is Blood (RRB) - A gorey bloodier icon

Creepy - An icon that isn't quite scary or gorey, but is more interesting/dark in nature

To submit for the contest simply change your icon and then comment stating which category you're applying for. If I think your icon may fall into another category I will tell you so and perhaps change it. Also if one category doesn't get enough submissions it may be merged with another or simply will be dropped from the contest.

So happy spooking!

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