So Sibrel and gang are being hunted by some creepy stalker cop. This started about a week back and so far me and my gang haven't seen him. I hope it stays that way.

We're trying to find out who the cop is. So far I have no clue what so ever. He is probably just some new guy the Gaiaphage hired or maybe he doesn't even know the Gaiaphage and he's hunting her on his own vendetta. Or maybe he's something else. Douglas told me last night that this guy might have sold his soul to the Elders for something he wanted and well has to kill Sibrel as a catch. But isn't selling his soul enough? Douglas' answer: NO.

Now I'm gonna give you some of Douglas' background story. Apparently he sold his eyes to the Elders for some potion to save his girlfriend. Then he needed some to save his girlfriend's mother. So he sold them Doe's eyes. But, this time one pair of eyes wasn't enough. So they made Douglas their slave. (His girlfriend's mom is dead by the way) Then some other crap happened where Douglas had to sell his girlfriend's beauty making her a demented skeleton thing.

ANYWAY back to the cop. He probably has to kill Sibrel or other people close to him dies. It's like a life for a life. I wanna talk to this guy because apparently I'm a Silvertongue which means I can make people do anything and convince them into doing stuff. So I just wanna meet him.

You guys have any other thoughts just write them in the comments.

~ Dreyus Rendeev

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