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  • I live in a place I can't describe to any old mortal. And even if I could describe it you wouldn't believe me.
  • I am male or female? Even if you ask I refuse to tell. I'm just an Aerominn.
  • Aerominn


    December 24, 2014 by Aerominn

    They call me Aerominn and only Aerominn. I am not one thing or another thing. I am a complex working of all things combined. I am quite an important figure where I come from but that isn't much important. I won't rub it in or make much of a grand deal of it. I expect you celebrities to follow suit.

    Just don't disrespect me, Beastie, and that means no calling me transgendered or bisexual or homosexual. I am neither male nor female, not by choice, but by birth. And quite honestly I have no sexual preference. I prefer to stay away from nitty gritty affection. As long as you can stand by that one request we'll get along quite well.

    I also sometimes get into a mood of only speaking in riddles and questions (Sorry I can lapse into intense impairment…

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