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  • Ashen Cinder

    Hello Eveyone!

    November 12, 2014 by Ashen Cinder

    I'm joining the fandom! (If thats okay with you guys) I did a lot of reading about this and to be honest, I'm really interested. I understand most of what's going on and I find all this simply amazing. So I'm hoping that you'd all let me join the universe.

    Also, since I'm brand-new and only two of you know me here's a little background on me:

    I move a lot. I have literally lived in 7 different places over the course of my life. I'm only 12! To save you all the grueling detail here's a little summary: Born in New York 2 years old my parents and I moved to Canada, 5 we moved again to a place called Borba in Portugal, 7 we traveled to Nice, France, then when I was 9 Katowice, Poland, we didn't like Poland so about a year later we went to Niwari…

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