I'm joining the fandom! (If thats okay with you guys) I did a lot of reading about this and to be honest, I'm really interested. I understand most of what's going on and I find all this simply amazing. So I'm hoping that you'd all let me join the universe.

Also, since I'm brand-new and only two of you know me here's a little background on me:

I move a lot. I have literally lived in 7 different places over the course of my life. I'm only 12! To save you all the grueling detail here's a little summary: Born in New York 2 years old my parents and I moved to Canada, 5 we moved again to a place called Borba in Portugal, 7 we traveled to Nice, France, then when I was 9 Katowice, Poland, we didn't like Poland so about a year later we went to Niwari, India, When I was 11 I moved one last time with my dad to Niigata, Japan. That's where I live for now. My parents moved so much because they had a philosophy about experiencing life everywhere, later on though my mom wanted to become grounded and stop moving, partially because she was getting older (my parents had me really late) and also because she was sick of all the change. My dad wanted to keep going, and I wanted to too. So my mother left us, heading back to her family in Borba.

My real name is Joyce K. Sinder. I fell in love with writing while on a plane ride. I had started describing the world from so high up and after a while a story started forming and by the end I had quite a few pages fille. Writing came more and more naturally and now it's something I do all the time. I tend to curse in different languages. I draw horribly. I can write with both hands. I'm very good at math. I was homeschooled all my life. I have 0 siblings.

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