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Don't Speak Unless Spoken To

aka Nunya Bizness

  • I live in Alaska
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is an ass-kicker and sense-knocker-inner
  • I am a girl, the fuck you think I am? I have a GIRL for a profile picture!
  • Don't Speak Unless Spoken To

    So I haven't been on in actual MONTHS and I have a better excuse than "Fucking timezones". I'm no longer a memeber of wonderful beautiful Alaska. Yeah I moved, guess where? Just fucking guess. Did you guess Arkansas? THEN YOU'RE FUCKING RIGHT. I'm now connected to the mainstream US but I'm deep south and the middle of fuckass nowhere. But at least my time's closer to y'all's. So hopefully now I can stick around here more... If you were wondering why I moved well to put it bluntly, my rents wanted a change of scenery, SO THEY CHOOSE THE FUCKASS SOUTH. Shoot me now. Least my accent blends, but everyone gawks at how I look cause I'm pale and still dress heavy out of habit. 

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