I pledge allegiance to the spam

Of all the websites on the internet

And to the Spamnation for which it trolls

One nation made by trolls

Forever obnoxious

With useless memes and capslock for all


Like my pledge? Yeah, I wrote that myself. This is the very first Spamnation gathering. LET THE SPAM COMMENCE!

Here’s the list of Spamnation citizens. If you aren’t on this fancy list and would like to be just comment down below saying so. Then just join the spam. I’ll add your name when I get the chance.

Citizens of Spamnation





Em (no shit)

Caine (he knows how to spam!)


Anyway we might be getting our own forum board (gotta talk to Drey about that) but until then we’ll just spam blogs. Congratulations to everyone for spamming the Resurrection blog. It now has over 130 comments.

Next order of business…SPAM YOUR NAME!!!! Just spam this blog with your name (real or DD or Username) and whoever spams their name the most becomes Vice President of Spamnation! Spam period ends Tuesday night.



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