Hello everyone my name is Kaori and I’m new here! c:

I became conscious about two weeks ago and google searched a few people during school because I was bored and this site came up *yay for the internet*. I actually wasn’t expecting anything real to come up when googling ‘Noemi Li Roux’ or ‘Foxglove Verendix’ but then I just saw all these links and my mind was blown.

Seriously. I actually squeaked during class it was really cool.


Currently I’m in Daegon *Yay I know geography* and I don’t have any powers yet, but I feel something stirring within me! That or I’m just really hungry and my stomach is communicating that fact…

So I hope you guys don’t find me super annoying with this butttt I have a few questions.

  1. Are the laws in the Mox (I think that’s the country’s name please don’t kill me if it isn’t) like laws in America or are they stricter or looser or eh?
  2. heard the word Expie like 10 times already while walking around Daegon, what does that mean because when I tried to look for it on here I didn’t find anything.
  3. Is Satan legit a guy who takes a bunch of shirtless selfies of himself and if so why do people give him so much shit? (This isn’t even a question I know) I saw his instagram and he looks like a sexy cinnamon bun (His kids are so cute!!!) why do so many people look down on him?
  4. How would one apply for a job in Daegon? Do I talk to Fox since he’s the head leader guy? Are there any requirements I need to pass?

Anddd that’s about it. I hope you guys don’t find me obnoxious I’d really like to make some friends on here! c: 

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