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  • I live in the land of the ultimate privileged white men
  • My occupation is surviving life
  • I am third in everything. Life sucks.
  • PublicityStunt


    June 18, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    If you are having a very nice day you may not want to read this. It's mostly just depressing drabble. Also I wrote this at roughly 10:30 at night so please excuse any incoherrent parts. If you do read this, thank you then, because I appreciate you ruining your day for me ;)

    I haven’t exactly been feeling all that in touch these days. Mostly I haven’t been on due to piling excuses that just sound ridiculously stupid the moment they leave my lips. I won’t bother listing them now, but they involve last minute vacations, getting lost in Wales, medication and divorce. This whole month I just wanted to lay in bed, my bed back at my flat that my mum and my brother and I lived in. Like old times. Like I was still a painfully socially awkward idiot …

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  • PublicityStunt

    Curse These Ads

    March 14, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    They’re everywhere, continuously in our presence. No matter where you turn they are there, large and irrelevant. They draw your eyes away from your actual concerns and in some cases make you cringe and look away, your eyes focusing on everything except the right side bar. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about ads.

    Now you may be wondering, “Zeke how else is Wikia supposed to make money? There are always ads on the internet!”

    I’m not aggravated over the fact that they’re trying to make money through ads, I’m angry that these ads have been put in spots they never were before and that they solely advertise for Wikia’s new love child Fandom. It’s absolutely insulting. Wikia is stealing traffic from other wikis and directing it all to theirs …

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  • PublicityStunt

    Oh hello there, I’m back! After a week of keeping my mouth shut and patiently waiting I’ve returned to creating these lovely and lengthy blogs! If you were wondering, I hadn’t created a blog post last week because I, like many others, was patiently waiting for the release of ODAD: A Bajillion Questions! I didn’t want to spoil the excitement of the release with speculation about it, or just write a meaningless and boring filler post. Anyway, this will be a critique, in a way, as well as a blog to fuel the ever speeding hype train that has become the ODAD sub-fandom.

    Now, just to put this out there, I adore the main menu with a fiery passion. It gives a sort of serious yet playful vibe that pretty much describes Dreamt. Then once you start th…

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  • PublicityStunt

    As promised, here is another blog! This week we’re going to be discussing certain things that I believe our wiki needs, as well as general organization and so forth.

    To begin with I’m going to address the most obvious thing our wiki is lacking: a clearly stated set of rules and protocols. Now, I know we’re all reasonable people and are close-knit, so a need for a list of rules seems obsolete. But, as the years progress and our wiki slowly draws more attention to itself, it’s inevitable that one day we will need to break out a code of rules to help reprimand some stubborn troll, or even ward off an unwelcomed visitor from you-know-where.

    What I’m thinking is that we need two basic sets of rules, one for the wiki in general and another for cha…

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  • PublicityStunt

    Where We're Headed

    February 14, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    Greetings my wiki family! As you all are aware, I was forced to take a brief hiatus from my beloved home due to many, many personal reasons. But, I’ve returned with a bottomless bag full of goodies! I have taken it upon myself to start a weekly blog routine! No matter what’s occurring I’ll try my hardest to post a blog either every Sunday or Monday depending. The topics of the blog can be anything from quick little updates to rants to anything else that may pop-up.

    Now, onto the purpose of this first ever blog in what I hope will be a long running series. The wiki, the year 2015, and my overall feelings on where we’re headed.

    Last year was turbulent, to say the least. There were a number of passings, Noemi’s diagnoses, we said goodbye to man…

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