They’re everywhere, continuously in our presence. No matter where you turn they are there, large and irrelevant. They draw your eyes away from your actual concerns and in some cases make you cringe and look away, your eyes focusing on everything except the right side bar. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about ads.

Now you may be wondering, “Zeke how else is Wikia supposed to make money? There are always ads on the internet!”

I’m not aggravated over the fact that they’re trying to make money through ads, I’m angry that these ads have been put in spots they never were before and that they solely advertise for Wikia’s new love child Fandom. It’s absolutely insulting. Wikia is stealing traffic from other wikis and directing it all to theirs as though we don’t matter. Then they have the audacity to call themselves ‘Fandom’ when in fact they have an extremely biased group of writers that only spotlight mainstream communities.

Ads didn’t even work like this until a few days ago. Ads used to be homepage only, unless you weren’t logged in, then the ads would be on all pages. So first they bully us into making accounts, then they click bait us into visiting their wiki. They didn’t even announce the ad changes!

I feel like if the content was more average, movie ads, game sites, stores, I wouldn’t be so angry. Those ads are expectable and easy to overlook. But these ads are huge and are trying far too hard to convince you to click on them. I feel like the ‘Fandom’ content should be more tailored to the wikis they appear on. For example our wiki should receive anime and perhaps sci-fi fantasy related ads, not Star Wars and DC comics and God-only-knows what else half this is.

That, or communities should be able to apply for spotlights like back in the day. If your community had a certain number of pages you could submit a sort summary of your wiki and a picture that correlated and you would be featured on the main page or at the very bottom of wiki pages. It was a nice way to get the word out about your community. Nowadays it’s all about who’s more mainstream and can get the most contributors, not about your content or community atmosphere. 

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