So I got real bored and re-read the entire Harry Potter series (I haven't touched those bludgeoning devices [seriously, even a weak person like Andy could kill someone with a few blows from one of those things] since I was about 14 so I still found it interesting) and I got one of the stupidest ideas ever.

Let's make up 'Houses' like they have at Hogwarts because I don't know...Christine put out that 10,000 edits blog (here's the link if you STILL have not read it: ) and well it'll be bloody damn hard to get all those edits by why not make a competition? And change the rewards a little. How bout it be, if someone gets the lucky 10,000th edit their entire team gets the special title? That would make things much much better.

But I'm not sure if there will be four teams or more or less and I'm not sure how to decide upon who gets team leader and who doesn't. So please help me out with this.

(I know this is such a stupid idea but I warned you to read at your own risk)

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