Greetings my faithful and loving comrades who I think of as my own passionate flesh and blood. I bestow upon you all today an uncommon endowment that you all refer to as the beloved and bittersweet Englishman's Rants. This fine day's subject matter would be the Stub template, which has been obtaining a sustainable amount of popularity.

I shall express the utmost candor with this situation and plainly state that the template was overused. Meaning I had not anticipated such poorly created pages. It makes me utterly sick to my stomach that some of the pages submitted were allowed to collect dust on this wiki while being so astonishingly incomplete.

Most pages are just vague or do not present the kind of shining high-quality this wiki should take pride in. That's alright I suppose, that's why there are still edit buttons attached to those pages, so we may better their quality over time. But, other pages are practically blank slates, abandoned projects that weren't given much more than a single glance. Those pages are what truly exasperate me.

I am thoroughly despondent with you all. I cannot even begin to put my utter crestfalleness into words. I am trying to make sure this wiki remains pristine, and I thought we were achieving that, but then this shocking revelation comes and back hands me across the face. I blame myself for my neglect, but the lot of you are not completely unresponsible. Do none of you do basic check-throughs of your pages to make sure they contain more than a shittily conjured paragraph?

I shall be going through all stubbed pages later on and adding my own tag to those that are truly severe, a highlighter of what needs the utmost attention and care. I DO NOT want to become THAT Wiki that is completely riddled with stubs and help templates, begging for any sort of edits. I know a few of you have been down under the weather but there are plenty of you that are truly capable of doing work. NO ONE HAS BEEN EDITING THIS BLOODY WIKI. EVEN ARI GAVE UP. I AM DAMN DISSAPOINTED IN YOU.

I shall take my leave before things get dire. Have a lovely day.

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