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I have absolutely no idea where that gif is from. I just found it funny, especially her expression. So I've returned from all my moping and my sorrow but I'm still not 100% better. Just don't talk about that day too much and I'll be fine. I'm also re-entering the edit war even though I'm hopelessly behind. It will take a miracle to be able to catch up to Noemi. I'm also considering becoming a formal englishman again but I haven't decided yet. It might be too much work.
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Another thing: I have a little game for everyone...(other mother moment) For every 100 comments I get on this blog I will fulfill one request from whoever it was who made that 100th comment. You can request ANYTHING that doesn't involve me being nude or drunk. It can be a simple question or a dare or even something you'd like me to do for you. There are no other rules to this. You guys CAN spam. I sort of just want to see how random this will all get.

So that's that. Now get commenting!

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