I just really need a good laugh. Me and Collin both. None of the usual things (Cyanide and happiness, Hetalia, Tumblr, or the Inside Jokes) are cutting it. But this isn't the usual kind of depression.

So last night, around ten-ish, we got a very bad call. Our mum was in a really nasty crash coming home from a late shift. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her closest family member, who happens to be Michael's dad, came to get us. We're going to be in limbo for awhile while paper work is sorted, her possesions are alotted, and I get a REAL job.

Yes, Collin is an adult technically, but due to his autism it'll be an obstacle for him to get full ownership of our flat. So I'll have to be co-owner. But I'm not an official adult yet, I still have a few more months, but that's about how long it'll take to get the paperwork straightened out, so things should work out as far as ownership goes.

Our uncle has also offered to help pay for the rent until I get a better job (a retail work minimum wage salary just won't cut it) but who knows when that'll be. And I'll have to be the main supporter. Collin's government money will help a little but he can't get a serious job. As soon as someone hears that he's autistic they'll take him off the job because they'll think he's "unstable". But Collin is just a tad bit clueless sweetheart. He could work a regular job very well in my opinion.

So for now Collin and I are living with Michael in his swanky, up-scale, home and random people keep ringing the doorbell and telling me how wonderful my mum was. I already fucking know she was wonderful. You don't need to fucking remind me. She's been dead for less than I day, I highly doubt I've already forgotten what she was like.

And funnel cake cookies have now become my bestfriends. I'm going to start naming them. Oh wow I just ate Ted. Now he can go be with Martha and Allen in my stomach.

But really I just wish my uncle and aunt would leave us be. I'm trying to be strong, and when I think I've cried for the last time they say something like: "Your mum was really proud of you two." or "Your mum was really looking forward to this or to that." OR THE WORST ONE "I wonder how we'll pull off the holidays without her." Just shut up about my mum. She's dead so stop bringing her up. All I want is to go home, lock all the doors, blare my music, lay on her bed, and cry. But I can't do that because these idiots keep dragging me out of my coping hole.

But I'm really worried about how Collin's taking this. He keeps saying he's fine but I see it in his eyes. He's not fine. He had to go through both his parents dying. He still remembers dad, whereas I don't know a thing about him except what I've been told. It must be a billion times worse for him.

And now my aunt's telling Collin to get out of the kitchen and go mourn. THAT'S HOW HE MOURNS YOU BITCH. HE'S THINKING ABOUT HOW HE COOKED WITH MUM. LET HIM BAKE MORE DESSERTS PASTRY HYBRIDS. The kid's cooking delicious food for you. Why are you complaining?

Now i want to punch someone. I'm going to go punch Lithuania now. (I'm such a nice friend, I know) be back whenever. Sorry this was so long. It was supposed to be only a couple paragraphs.

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