As promised, here is another blog! This week we’re going to be discussing certain things that I believe our wiki needs, as well as general organization and so forth.

To begin with I’m going to address the most obvious thing our wiki is lacking: a clearly stated set of rules and protocols. Now, I know we’re all reasonable people and are close-knit, so a need for a list of rules seems obsolete. But, as the years progress and our wiki slowly draws more attention to itself, it’s inevitable that one day we will need to break out a code of rules to help reprimand some stubborn troll, or even ward off an unwelcomed visitor from you-know-where.

What I’m thinking is that we need two basic sets of rules, one for the wiki in general and another for chat specifically. Some rules will be quite obvious, while others will be more tailored to our needs as an individual wiki. In the comments you all are free to suggest rules, and hopefully sometime during this week some of the Staff can meet up to talk them over. Also, we will need to add new categories and sections with the looming release of the demo. Since this is the ULTIMATE Conscious wiki, real information as well as fanon information will need to be featured on our pages. So, naturally an ‘ODAD’ section will be added to the pages of people featured within the game. We will also be creating a spoiler and fanon tag to put at the beginning of these sections. As for categories, I think an ‘ODAD’ category would be the simplest thing to add to the pages of those featured in the game.

Now, onto organization. There has been some talk of possibly changing the current layout of the navigation bar. If we were to change it, Logs would no longer be prominently featured and instead we would link things that are more geared towards new Conscious or just new wiki users. I personally am all for this idea, since many logs are extremely under-developed and not updated. Putting them so obviously on the navigation bar makes them seem extremely important and well-kept, but this is the exact opposite. Still, I will be creating a poll below where you all can vote as to whether or not we will be changing the layout. The votes will then be tallied next Sunday and decisions will be made.


The poll was created at 19:24 on February 21, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

Moving on, I also think the discussion of Staff statuses should take priority. Currently some of our staff aren’t doing their assigned jobs *glares at Chiaro and Violetta* and I believe we should discuss laying off some Staff and potentially bringing in new Staff. Currently we have an ability to make junior admins who can do some of the things regular admins can do, but not everything. This is a great opportunity to see how dedicated people are to the job of being Staff, as well as see how people handle newfound power. In the comments both staff and non-staff can debate new additions and users who simply aren’t doing their job.

I also personally will be cracking down more on inactive Staff members and will be making sure our regulations are met.

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