Has the wiki been resurrected?

Bea has been telling me that it is but is it truely? Or are you all just going through a phase (ahaha where's Drake and Dreyus when you need them?) and the wiki will become a ghost town by November? And what's all this talk of some new girl? Bea's explanation made no sense...

But whatever, I'll just be stalking chat from now on and making an unhealthy amount of edits to the wiki since I have nothing better to do with my life. I'm also going to be making way too many fandom references from now on. Yesterday I realised the joy that comes to me when I see the clueless faces of non-fan bassys, whovians, peculiars, and (my utter favourite) dreamts. (Yes we have our own fandom now) So enough of my rambling.(Yes, I made a meme just for this occasion. I have no life.)


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