Well hello there all my faithful and loving friends! I believe it’s that time of year, when the leaves begin to change colour, and everyone starts to unpack their vacation bags and instead pack their school bags. We’ll all be rushing around doing school work and such, which most likely shall utilise our laptops and computers…so while you’re around, why not come here?

I’m doing it again, resurrecting that is. And well this time things are a bit more…intense I guess you could say. I pretty much am going to try and get this wiki into a well managed routine, get this blog to 1,000 comments, and collect all the little treasures and jewels along the way.

“Treasures and jewels? Zeke whatever are you rambling about?” Well I’m glad you asked!

Pretty much there are going to be special treasures we’ll get for getting to a certain amount of comments. The treasures go as follows:

  • ·         100 comments – The wiki shall become even more beautiful.
  • ·         500 comments – Certain pages will be getting a makeover.
  • ·         1,000 comments – Dreyus will release the first episode.

Now aren’t you all excited?! Also as far as routine goes I’m going to try to have regularly scheduled wiki activities, contests, spams, and chat parties. But I still need to fully flesh out a schedule…

Anyway, bottomline, GET YOUR ASSES BACK HERE!


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