Greetings my wiki family! As you all are aware, I was forced to take a brief hiatus from my beloved home due to many, many personal reasons. But, I’ve returned with a bottomless bag full of goodies! I have taken it upon myself to start a weekly blog routine! No matter what’s occurring I’ll try my hardest to post a blog either every Sunday or Monday depending. The topics of the blog can be anything from quick little updates to rants to anything else that may pop-up.

Now, onto the purpose of this first ever blog in what I hope will be a long running series. The wiki, the year 2015, and my overall feelings on where we’re headed.

Last year was turbulent, to say the least. There were a number of passings, Noemi’s diagnoses, we said goodbye to many people that had been a part of our wiki family and overall things just didn’t feel as good as they could have. But, let’s not act like there weren’t bright spots. We met people such as Jamie, Ari and Fox who really have come through for us during tough times. We were also graced with the presence of Fallous and Erebore, and none of us can deny how adorable they look! Ban also officially joined our wiki and we were able to establish better connections to the rest of the world. Speaking of the world, the West was finally named for Christ’s sake! That’s a pretty notable achievement!

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During 2015 we all sort of grew and became something better than what we were before. We needed 2015 to get to 2016. We needed a bit of harsh reality and tears and to finally be able to sit on chat on Valentine’s day and cry our eyes out and feel like a family. Today was beautiful. It was one of those chats that really show you just how united and genuine we all are. And I’m so proud of that. Other communities that are as big as ours is usually don’t have this sort of connection. You vaguely know who everyone is but most of the time you don’t know their story. But here we’re a very fair sized community and we know each other. We know what the other person has been through. We have personal connections with each other.

I’m not just the guy with the blogs and the edits. Noemi isn’t just the one who’s always on chat. Aaron isn’t just the guy who makes the themes. Fox isn’t just the one who’s really serious about spelling. Dreyus isn’t just the founder. Jamie isn’t just Aaron’s friend or the forum moderator. We actually know each other and we actually care for each other and that’s something extremely special.

Tumblr mperh55zu21sp2k3bo1 400

Anyway, where are we as a community going this year? Well with the looming release of the game I can say we’re going to be heading many places. Already the game has generated a lot of buzz and I can say with pride that I am looking forward to the end of February. Also the new theme is really opening up a more professional feeling chapter on our wiki. Back in the day our version of a really cool theme was some anime picture tiled as our background and the pages looking sort of transparent so you could kind of see the picture through them. And while that wasn’t TERRIBLE it made us look really new and really undeveloped. Now when people come through here they can clearly see we have experience (Two years of it once April rolls around) and that we’re obviously the official Conscious Wiki.

Also, our page creation has been phenomenal. At the moment we have a very nice amount of pages and slowly we’re evolving to start editing existing pages, rather than just create new ones. This is a mark of a wiki’s maturity. But, we still do have some pages that need making, so don’t completely halt the creation process. Still, our wiki is in much better shape than it was about a year ago.

Overall I’m just ecstatic and I can’t wait to see where things go. I hope all of you are feeling the same way.



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