Sooo summer is coming and well last year when summer came the wiki got super quiet and dead soooo here's a blog to fix that!

I'm not sure what we're gonna be doing but all i know is that it'll help keep the wiki alive over the break. My vacation starts towards the end of May and some of you guys may start earlier than that and when vacation rolls around people are either shipped off to camp or have to go on a 'family fun' trip or something like that (or if you're zeke you just sit home and cry about how you're third).

Well on this blog I'm thinking of putting little daily task kind of things that are quick and simple and won't require massive amounts of time so that way everyone can do them. And maybe we'll have a competition to see who can accomplish more tasks. (I'll be keeping a score)

So if you're interested and want to be a part of this just comment down below!

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