Edit eaters

This wiki, sadly, has fallen from its former grace. Once a thriving hub of activity and edits, it now sits vacant and lonely. Summer is approaching, and everyone is going to need this place more than ever, but if they behold the inactivity of this place they'll have doubts about how much of a haven this place is, and they'll most likely leave and not come back. This, obviously, is a problem. And it would go against my very nature to idly sit by and let this site rot away and decay.

So, the solution to this epidemic? It's something I call the Edit Eaters.

The Edit Eaters are a group of determined, veteran wiki members who want to revive this place. At random times they all shall converge and edit like mad, being fast yet making quality edits that shall benefit the wiki. The goal is to bring the site back to life, if even for only short time intervals. It is also hoped that wiki's overall score can be increased. We're currently not even on the board, that's how bad we are.

So, you have been informed. You can take up arms and edit as well, or you can sit back and watch as we inject life back into this place that is a second home to so many of us.

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