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  • That Confused Dude

    ODAD Hype Month!

    February 26, 2017 by That Confused Dude

    This April is going to be ODAD hype month! Now what is a hype month? It's pretty much an entire month dedicated to updates, art, and tasty bits of lore! 

    Every day in April a new piece of lore related content will be released! Whether it's an update, a detailed piece of art, a character sheet, a playlist or a description of a specific setting. All of these items may help clarify what's going on, add evidence for theories, or even generate new theories themselves. 

    All of this will lead up to a Q&A session on April 29th! The Q&A may be streamed live on my Twitch, but only if enough of you show interest! For those of you who don't know, on my stream there is an in-stream currency called Bears. You get one Bear per minute of watching my stream.…

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  • That Confused Dude

    I am proud to announce the first ever Wiki Awards will be held this March! 

    So what are the Wiki Awards? To put it simply it's an opportunity to acknowledge some of the most hard working and dedicated people on the wiki, as well as some stunning pages too. Some categories will be voted upon, others will be based on statistics.

    Now you may be wondering "What do I get if I win a category?" Great question! In addition to a lovely "trophy" to put on your profile the winners will all be getting art works made of them, that will then be put together and displayed on the home page for a couple of months! Not to mention bragging rights. Winning pages will have an icon added to them to indicate that they won as well.

    So please stay tuned for more info…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Here is the official announcement for the Dreamt app! This app is an extension of Amino, which is a community based app sort of like Wikia, except the communities tend to be kinder and the app isn't even close to as glitchy as Wikia. Mostly it will just be something to help us stay connected.

    On the app you can start multiple group chats for various topics, write blog posts talking about things that're going on, get featured if your post is really good, like posts and follow other people, and level up the more involved you are. For now I'm the only authority figure on the app, but I may allow some people to apply to be ones too if more people start joining. 

    Anyhow here is the direct link to the community, feel free to write a post or join t…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Wiki Holidays

    November 29, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    I feel like doing something different this year for the month of December. I just want to do a series of fun little events while we all count down to 2017. (I can't believe it's almost here!!)

    I also will be moderately decorating the wiki for winter by changing the background and header but not really much else since I don't want to look like I'm leaning towards a particular holiday or something. However you all are welcome to change your icons to something holiday specific if you want. 

    So here are just a few of the things I would like to do, this list may be added to or altered so keep your eyes peeled. 

    Art Contest! - I really want to do one and have it winter themed??? Maybe the winner's piece could be posted somewhere??? Like the front p…

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  • That Confused Dude


    November 23, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    So, for those of you who don't know, I've started streaming about once a week. I used to stream on Picarto but that's super duper laggy and freezes a lot so I switched over to Twitch. I'm going to try to stream as often as possible between the times of 5pm-8pm US Eastern Time for weekdays and 12pm-4pm for weekends or holidays. I'll probably post a little message when I start streaming on here so you guys can join in. 

    I don't stream games, at least not for now. I stream DD related art, which will mostly be the Lucid Fever related these days. Sometimes I read the chat, though most of the time I don't so sorry if I don't respond to questions! If you have a question aimed at me the best thing to do is just send me a text. The only small warnin…

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