Okay, so right now the wiki is a bit flugged up. This morning I realized a lot of our theme wasn't working due to the Twins' Wiki (Which had been hosting all of the theme's images) was deleted due to being abandoned. I've tried my best to get the theme back to being as close to as it was before with a few changes. I deleted the backgrounds for comments (Not the Staff ones the regular ones) because I don't really see a point to them and I changed a few of the images to be less ODAD themed. If you find any bugs with the theme (AKA there's something blank where a picture should be) please tell me. 

Also, our top bar is gone. (Yay) This isn't an issue with our coding, it's an issue with Wikia. So for now if you need to view your profile you have to either type in the web address or find a link to your name somewhere. Hopefully Wikia fixes that soon. 

(Also to see the new changes press shift and hit the refresh arrow at the same time)


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