I would like to announce a Dreamt video game! Yes, an actual video game with alternate routes, objectives, and a deep storyline! The game will be a sort of visual novel with a ton of choices and maybe even some puzzle skills and some other goodies! It's still in early stages but a plot has already been established as well as characters! Most of the characters will be based off of us, but not entirely. Also there will be some completely new characters (The main character for example) who'll be completely new to us. 

The game already has a name (Might be subject to change depending on what you guys think of it) Of Dreamers and the Dead. The main character also has been named and a bunch of other characters have names, but I'm keeping most of the production under wraps! Anyway, there will be a small event going on for the game. 

For the next 5 days I'll be releasing short promos to introduce you all to the 'main cast' and to give you all a feel for the plot. None of the names will be officially released until the event is done! The first promo is released tomorrow! Until then stare at this picture of the main 5's silhouettes :3

Oie 272936E6ToqYFC

Characters! [Update]

Oie 06wGiU6q2Opk

So now that all the promos are out it's time to release names! Also these aren't all of the characters, just the main ones you'll be seeing the most of throughout the game. I think I might be releasing a new supporting character (Not a promo just a character and a brief description) every week??? Maybe every two weeks??? I still have to decide.

Anyway, starting from the left we have Soi! She's based off Em but is slightly more serious. She's introduced at the start of the game and is one of the first characters you'll meet.

Next we have The Uterus Collector or UC or Yuki as some people call him. He's based off Mal (obviously!) and is met a little later in the game. He's just as fun and crazy as Mal, but also has this really deep side and is great for advice. 

Then in the middle is The Kawaii King or K as he's more often called. He's is based off me (Aaron) and provides a lot of support through the entire game and is mentioned a lot but is actually met a little later on. He's kind and caring but has low self esteem and is absolutely adorable. 

Next we have Hatchet. She isn't based off of anyone and is completely exclusive to the game. She will be your Dream Guide and has a level-headed attitude but can come off as easily aggravated and uncaring. She will be with you every step of the game, either to criticize your choices or give you advice. 

And finally we have our main character Lingz! Again, they aren't based off of anyone. Lingz is intended to be gender-neutral, so everyone in the game will refer to them using they/them pronouns. Lingz is a really confused new Conscious, and wishes people would let them choose their own path instead of forcing them to save the entire Dream Dimension.

Demo! [Update]

I'm here to proudly announce that a small interactive 'demo' of the game will be released soon! Obviously the demo won't reflect the entire quality of the finished game and some things may be subject to change. Still, the demo is meant to give you the general vibe of the game and let you learn more about it. The demo will also help me understand how to put out the game effectively and work out any bugs there may be with people trying to play it. 

The demo is going to be called ODAD: A Bajillion Questions! (if you don't know ODAD stands for Of Dreamers and the Dead). Pretty much you can ask the characters some questions and participate in a few mini games. I'm not sure when I'll release it, maybe March-ish. Right now I'm using the demo as my sandbox for game features so...

Demo Release Date and Basic Plot [Update]

The release date for the demo has been decided! The demo will be coming out on February 29th or March 1st if something happens.

Now as for the plot of the game...The demo won't be through Lingz's perpsective, instead it will be through the eyes of Pho who's a character you will sometime encounter in the main game. Pho is part of the resistence hoping to take down Necifera (Thats Lotus in the game) and stumbles upon a small cafe while trying to escape trouble. Within the cafe she will encounter Hatchet, Yuki and Soi. They'll then proceed to drag Pho into a mess that will involve puzzle solving, pop quizzes and asking A LOT of questions!

Also pay attention to the stuff that happens in the demo! The events that occur in the demo actually will fit into ODAD's plot! I thought it would be cool if the demo could be goofy and cool while still relating to the actual game.

Overall Update!

Oie A8KGo5z06cVa

No text

So the wiki's theme has been changed in honor of the upcoming demo! I hope you like the new look and if you find any bugs with the appearance tell me please! I will try to fix it as soon as possible! Also as you can see if you haven't gathered Pho is Ari! Those profiles are stunning ;) !

Also I am realeasing the official posters for the demo which feature some characters you guys aren't familiar with... Well I'm not telling you who they are! You must guess! Overall game progress is going good. The game won't be very long (Maybe an hour gameplay at most 30 minutes at least) because it is a demo and creating the demo is taking time from making the main game. Also the demo is supposed to only convery a small side plot so it wouldn't make sense if it spanned like 3 hours of gameplay.

I've realized I'm also done writing the game script...I'm pretty sure I'll have it finished early...I may surprise release it when I'm cool would that be? upu keep checking up on this place...just in case...

Countdown to ODAD: A Bajillion Questions

Count Down To ODAD: A Bajillion Questions

Oie hIkbQHWoFSAc
March 6 2016 00:00:00 EST


Sadly, I'm going to have to push back the release date for ODAD:A Bajillion Questions. The new release date will be March 6. The countdown clock has also been edited for this date. I'm sorry for all of this, but I just need more time to make everything. The game might get released a day or two before Sunday but I have no guarantees. To make up for things I might end up uploading more bonus stuff. I don't know.

The Release! 

The time has come! So I finally got the game uploaded and well until further notice here are a couple things you'll have to do to get get it (Sorry I don't have a more convienient download way yet!) So if you have software on your computer that can open .zip files thats great, you can skip this step and go straigh to the dowload page then scroll to the video that shows you how to open the download.

If you don't have a .zip file opener use the free trial for this one:

All you have to do is download and install and you're good. Anyway back to getting the game, I have a little video to show how to open it up and start it :3 

How to Get ODAD!02:09

How to Get ODAD!

Also, if you find a bug in the game tell me right away and I will fix it! Other than that expect some little 'where this game is going' thing a little later like tomorrow maybe cuz right now I'm tired and just wanna relax.

What's Next?

I'm really happy that everyone loved the game so much! It's really filled me with determination and motivation to keep creating ODAD! I've also got new ideas about how to adapt the series. I think I'll release the game in portions. The portions will be chapters (That's how I was organizing the game to begin with) but each chapter will be released separately. Each chapter will be maybe one to two hours in gameplay. The game will also be more on the psycological in the fact that the game will kind of be information based. Your choices will determine whether or not characters tell you things or if they lie to you or not. Also, I'll try to release a chapter every two months but nothing is set in stone. For now we'll see about release dates. 

Things to Improve:

  • Sprites need to be more expressive
  • Hatchet and Soi's sprites need to be put in higher quality
  • I need to put in some transitions
  • I need to put in more music
  • I need to maybe make more options 
  • Fix glitches 

I'll improve on all of these things while creating the first installment of the ODAD chapter, the name of the first chapter has yet to be released. 


So I have names for chapter one and the prologue as well as a release month. The Prologue will be called Exploding Stars and Chapter One is going to be A Hazy Mind. They will be packaged together in the same game fragment. It'll be released either late April or early to mid May.

Release Date!

ODAD Exploding Stars & Hazy Mind Promo01:18

ODAD Exploding Stars & Hazy Mind Promo

Hype Train

what a pretty main pretty...

Oie ZjxfnzKDL4B7

o wow look and a pretty save screen...

Oie zCi6P3Uv7upH

I Need Some Help...

Alright guys, I'm not sure when I'll be releasing the next game installment. To be honest I've just been really swamped and so I'm requesting some help. Nothing too big, just offering some jobs to people that can carry them out. You can drop the job at any time if it's too much or if you can't do it for personal reasons like school. Any help at all would be nice so even if you only render one sprite or look up one song I really appreciate it ●´ω`●


  • Rendering Sprites - I'll give you the editor and show you how to make the sprite backgrounds transparent, really simple but a bit time consuming depending on how many sprites there are.
  • Making Spites - I'll give you the neutral expression for a character and you'll go on Rinmaru, replicate the character and then create multiple versions of them with different expressions
  • Making Music - This one is more complicated. I'd like to have some original music in the game, but I don't have the time to sit and create it all so if anyone knows how to make music, it doesn't even need lyrics, I'd appreciate it.

I'll release the official date when the time comes, but for now let's say June-ish? I'm trying my hardest to make everything happen but school is getting brutal towards the end of the year. Love yous ~ (。◕‿‿◕。)

Hype Train!

Here is some fresh hype! Also keep your eyes peeled for anything in this video. It's super important stuff being referenced here. Nothing is safe from interpretation...or theories...

ODAD Hazy Mind03:00

ODAD Hazy Mind

Beyond the Sleep

I apologize that there aren't any developments on the actual game, but there are some new things concerning the ODAD universe, and Beyond the Sleep is one of them.

As you may or may not have heard, the Wiki Olympics have pretty much been put on the back burner, which means there won't be any epic podcasts...right? Wrong. I've talked to some of the people on the Conscious Dreaming Wiki who were working with their wiki's podcast and well, we came up with a nice concept. 

Beyond the Sleep is going to be a podcast set in the ODAD universe and will help to contribute to the plot of the game, as well as satisfy people while the game is in development. The first podcast episode should be released very soon. And by very soon I mean like in a week at most. The first episode will be a tinsy bit short, and somewhat unimpressive, but things will slowly build and get more complex. 

What I Can Currently Tell You:

  • Beyond the Sleep will be a rebellion-sympathetic radio show located in Energy City.
  • It will be hosted by a character named Vahn, who will be voiced by Cortana.
  • Everything in the show will be considered canon to the game, and will overlap continuously.
  • The first episode takes place about a month or two before Lingz becomes Conscious.
  • Vahn may or may not actually appear in the game.
  • There will be multiple guest appearances by characters of the game on the show.

General Updates

Beyond the Sleep is already out! Please go give that a listen if you can! It came out a bit later than expected but it's not that far off so everything is good. For now I have no clue how I'll be pacing the podcast so just bear with things for a bit! 

Now time for the main thing! ODAD: A Bajillion Questions has an official game page!!

It is currently password protected since I'm very iffy about releasing ODAD outside of the wiki. The password is super easy: Dreamt

There's nothing new with the demo, I didn't update it or anything, all I did was put it on a more official page that doesn't look super freaking shady. is a good site for uploading games, so I'll be hosting all future chapters on here, and they'll most likely be password protected.

Also...there was a major glitch in the demo that made it so that no matter what the player only got one ending. I apologize for that. There was supposed to be an alternate ending that occured when you did not give Erzabet a ring/did not have one to give. I will be posting it below. I honestly don't know what went wrong and therefore I don't want to spend an hour or two trying to fix it then putting out an updated demo, because remember, the demo wasn't supposed to be perfect.

Alternate Ending: Memoria

u1 "Please, be safe out there."

u2 "I can't make any promises."

u1 "Well try. For us."

u2 "I hope I'll be back by the time they're born."

u1 "You will be, I just have a feeling."

u2 "But if I'm not..."

u1 "Don't talk like that. You will be."

u2 "Love, there's nothing guaranteeing my safety out there."

u1 "You're lucky. You've always been lucky. You'll survive."

u2 "You need a back up plan."

u1 "NO I DON'T!"

u2 "..."

u1 "I'm sorry, I just don't want to lose you."

u2 "You act like I'd like to be lost."

u1 "You're just doing such dangerous work..."

u2 "And you aren't?"

u1 "It's different..."

u2 "Not really."

u1 "Just please. Promise."

u2 "...Fine. I promise."

U stands for unknown. In this scene there are two unknown characters having a conversation while the screen is simply black, similar to the ending where you give Erzi a ring.

Countdown to Hazy Mind

Count Down to Exploding Stars & Hazy Mind

December 24 2016 00:00:00 EST

There's a set date for the next game release! December 17, 2016! Sorry for not working more diligently, I lost interest for a while and I didn't want to force myself to work on something I wasn't particularly into. But I'm back, and with a drawing of Lingz made by moi :3


♫♫It's poster time!♫♫ ♫♫It's poster time!♫♫

Time to make a bunch of promo posters for ODAD! The first one is just Lingz, but hopefully I'll be able to make a poster for every character??


Okay So

I'm bad with dates. You guys should know this by now! So uh, I have to push back the release again. I definitely want to release it before 2017!! So I'm going to try for Christmas Eve, BUT if not it will be release before January 1st. Sorry, sorry, sorry for all this delaying!! I'm really bad at judging how long things will take me!!

Names of all the ODAD Chapters

List Will be Edited if I change things

  • (Prologue) Exploding Stars
  1. Hazy Mind
  2. Sea Brine
  3. Majesty Knows Best
  4. Mechanical Sheep
  5. Mother Earth
  6. Momento Mori
  7. Rings
  8. You and Patricia

Big BIG Changes

So, it’s 2017 and I haven’t released ODAD. You guys are probably wondering what’s up. Well, to be honest, I’ve been contemplating a lot of things regarding ODAD and where I should go with it and how I should approach it. Overall I’m leaning towards it not being a game anymore.

The reason I’m feeling this way is because games are hard to make. They require a lot of tedious coding and collecting pictures and finding the right music and honestly, that takes so much time. I’ve been thinking of how quickly I can pump out games. I was thinking two a year. That’s reasonable. We have 8 chapters. That means it would take me four entire years to finish ODAD.

That’s honestly insane and by then most of us would be graduated and in college and everything would be different. At that rate I can almost guarantee I’d end up dropping the project. I don’t want to give up on ODAD, I’m still really interested in it and see so much potential for it. But part of me feels like things are moving too slow for me. I’ve already planned it all out, I know how it ends, and if things don’t start speeding up I’m going to get, well, bored of it.

So I’ve been thinking of other ways I can adapt ODAD, because I still want to tell the story, just not in a game format. At first I thought a webcomic, but we already have Lucid Fever (Which keeps getting thrown on the back burner because of all these ODAD problems). I don’t want to do a show because of how terribly the Dreamt show tanked and I also would end up going crazy and trying to animate it which takes a lot of time. Podcasts wouldn’t work because it would be hard to address everything that needs to be addressed.

In the end I decided on making it a written choose-your-own-adventure sort of story. This way, there’s still that sort of mysterious and heart pounding “did I make the right choice?” sort of atmosphere but I think I can pump out updates MUCH faster. I’m thinking of hosting it on the ODAD wiki because I know how to code all the links and such and maybe making it a little Homestuck like by adding pictures in with certain updates along with maybe some music?

I know this is a big and sudden change, but I’m really trying to make it work. I ODAD to come to life, the big question lately has just been how. I might make other Dreamt games in the future but they most likely won’t be plot driven. It’s just way too much to handle. So I want to know if you guys think this is the right decision or not and maybe if you guys know other types of media that would better suit the story?

Exploding Stars

I've already started writing it out! This is where it starts. As of now the prologue is finished.

Hazy Mind

The first part of Hazy Mind is up over on the ODAD wiki! This update and the next is mostly filler/explanation stuff. Part 3 is where things will start getting interesting >:3 Also guys don't hesitate to add things to the ODAD wiki and make edits! We have to keep that place lively or else staff might close it. They've already closed 2 other wikis I started. One was personal, but the other was the Portuguese DD wiki ;-; I really don't have to have the ODAD wiki closed and then have to fight to *possibly* recover it. There's no guarantee a closed wiki can be recovered! So please just make a simple edit or two when you have spare time. (Even if you just add like a period or one space, we need the edits at this moment!)

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