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Introducing something new!

Do you like collecting things? Specifically cards?

Do you like playing strategy card games? Or watching said card games?

Are you looking for a reason to spend Luna Coins? Are you looking for a reason to get Luna Coins?

Well then look no further!!

Starting today there will be collectable cards being distributed depending upon the badges you earn. The harder the badge is to earn, the more rare the card will be! The badges have three rarities, bronze, silver and gold. Depending on these rarities is what kind of cards you get. Bronze yeilds basic (No rarity) or common cards. Silver can yeild common or rare. Gold can yeild rare, epic or legendary. Legendary is the rarest of the rare!

Not sure what rarity your card is? No gem is basic, white gem is common, blue is rare, purple is epic and orange is legendary. There are also heroes that represent you as you play the game! Since Dreyus is the founder of the wiki she is the hero given to you when you make your first edit.

All of these cards are Dreamt themed! This means you may have your very own card! 

Okay, so how do you get all these cards? Simple. Each badge relates to a specific card. It's name indicates which. Currently, only the general editing badges have cards, but with time more and more tracks will be given cards! You can locate your cards by typing /Cards after your username on your profile.

Also, as for gameplay. That is still being worked on. At the moment there aren't even enough cards to have a basic game. When gameplay become possible you all will be notified!

Have a rare card that you really want but are far off from getting? Buy them for Luna Coins! Need Luna Coins fast and have a card you don't particularly like? Sell it! There will be a card market thread opened up in the forums that will include flash sales as well as user sales!

Now enough with the background!! Here are the cards that have been released! Work hard and get them today!


Angel Days Expansion!

The cards for the wiki streak badges. Also I know Raphael's isn't him. I just used his old profile picture because I couldn't find a good one. When I find an accurate one I will update everything. I didn't want this to be held back because of one card.


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