I am proud to announce the first ever Wiki Awards will be held this March! 


So what are the Wiki Awards? To put it simply it's an opportunity to acknowledge some of the most hard working and dedicated people on the wiki, as well as some stunning pages too. Some categories will be voted upon, others will be based on statistics.

Now you may be wondering "What do I get if I win a category?" Great question! In addition to a lovely "trophy" to put on your profile the winners will all be getting art works made of them, that will then be put together and displayed on the home page for a couple of months! Not to mention bragging rights. Winning pages will have an icon added to them to indicate that they won as well.

So please stay tuned for more information in the coming days!


  • Most Popular Page (The page that gets the most views on average)
  • Best Technician
  • Best Admin/Mod
  • Best Candidate to Become a Mod (Who should really be a mod?)
  • Most Interesting Country (Continent) (The country you want to learn the most about)
  • Most Interesting Island
  • Most Edits
  • Most Sociable (The person who has the highest edit ratio of comments/forum posts to overall edits)
  • Favorite Dreamt Fanon (ODAD/Lucid Fever/Beyond the Sleep)
  • Best AU (Dreamt's Demon/Aaron Universe/Lucidwatch)
  • Person You Want Back on the Wiki the Most
  • Best Archangel
  • Best Blog (Resurrection Blog/Summer Blog/New Era Blog)
  • Super Editor (Person with biggest article edits to overall edits ratio)
  • Most Informative Page
  • Personal Favorite Page


Best Technician:

Best Staff:

Who Should be Staff:

Most Interesting Country:

Most Interesting Island:

Favorite Dreamt Fanon:

Best AU:

Person You Want Back the Most:

Best Archangel:

Best Blog:

Most Informative Page:

Personal Favorite Page:

The Date!

The Dreamt Awards will be held Saturday, March 11th! The winners will be announced at around 1 pm, and the after party will run from 2pm-4pm. I will then be streaming from 7pm-8:30pm that night and 4pm-5:30pm the following day.

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