It’s hard being a kid with supernatural abilities who runs a website for other kids with supernatural abilities. Especially when said abilities are a secret and the site’s tech support is a load of ass.

I present to you all Lucid Fever! The Wiki-based webcomic! So, this is something I’ve had in mind ever since Noemi senpai showed me Tapastic, and I really think I want to go through with it. I also know what you guys are thinking, “But didn’t you have another webcomic on Wattpad?! What happened to that?!” To be honest I don’t really like that one anymore, mostly because it’s really chibi and as much as chibis are cute, they don’t help me develop as an artist. And also I had like zero plot for it. I REALLY didn’t think it through that much.

Anyways, Lucid Fever is going to be a sort of slice of life/humor/drama thing. It will be pretty light hearted (more than ODAD that’s for sure) but I still want it to have a plot, so it will have its dramatic/dark moments. I’m not really sure how long it will be, it might just run for as long as I have ideas for it/as long as I have time for it. As for plot, lemme just say it took me a while to come up with something nice. You guys should know by now I don’t like to copy and paste things from DD because I find it boring, so I always put some twist on things.

Well I guess you could say Lucid Fever is sort of like what would happen if the dimensions had crashed in a sort of low key way? Pretty much everyone is in Reality (Yes even Mal) and they have some of their powers, though for some people I had to alter them because I had trouble fitting it in well (Me being an angel and all was weird so now I’m just a healer) or they had too many to cover (Noemi senpai now just channels fire and shadow but she’s still a total badass). The way people get their powers is through their dreams (Yay we get to keep the dream/space aesthetic!) and well once you have a lucid dream with you using your power you sort of just get it. And in this parallel universe thingy Sibrel senpai (Who has her dog sense from the start) meets Dreyus senpai (Who is a telepath) and they make the wiki to sort of create a hangout for others with “Lucid Fever” (hahahaha I’m so clever with these names). I know it sounds sort of vague and weird but once it’s put into the context of the webcomic it’ll seem a lot more logical and realistic (Wow Aaron did you really try to describe this using the word realistic?).

The webcomic doesn’t start from the beginning though, since I wasn’t there for that. It pretty much starts from right now, so everyone who’s on the wiki at the moment will get a chance to be in the comic! I’ll try my hardest to give everyone a chance at the lime light, but if you’re barely on the wiki and/or barely talk to me I won’t be able to do you as much justice ;_;.

Also if you’re wondering, no this doesn’t revolve ONLY around the wiki. There will be real life drama and action and a lot of ‘o feck’ moments. As for a release date I would say…October the latest? I really don’t think it should take me THAT long to make the first panel but we’ll see. And if you were curious for now the comic will be all traditional art because I work faster with that than I do with digital. If I get better at digital then I may switch over to that u_u.

And now the part I’ve been waiting for! Here are some sketches so you can get a feel of the art style and stuff that’ll be used in Lucid Fever! For the most part I think this blog will just be sketches with progress updates sprinkled in. I will also link the Tapastic comic so you guys can sub to it early.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this >_< It ended up being longer than I wanted it to be!

Comic link:


*click on pictures to get their full versions!*

Character Portraits

I'm doing all the characters that are important to the first Arc as well as some brief descriptions!!


Margot Reed: So, I changed her design a bit because I wasn't really into how she was looking, so now she looks a bit younger and closer to our age. Her ability is referred to as "star reading", mostly because of the look her eyes get when she's experiencing a vision. She can receive visions on practically anything, making her very powerful. She is a character I made for this comic and isn't based off anyone. She is probably the most important character in Arc One.

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