The Luna Coin!

Today I’m here to talk about something new I’d like to bring to the wiki. It’s a currency system, similar to the edit system we had in place previously. I’m calling it Luna Coin.

The main thing that makes this system better is that it’s a lot more fair to everyone. Before when we had the edit currency system wiki veterans instantly had a leg up on everyone else simply because they had more edits. Also, newbies weren’t really interested since they didn’t have much to edit and found it difficult to amass edits quickly.

Not to mention, we limited the use of the editing currency to the Wiki Store. The Wiki Store was a nice concept, but really it wasn’t that great. It didn’t offer as many cool features as it could have, and the prices made getting all the upgrades bit unattainable to new users. Luna Coin, however, isn’t based on edit count and LC can be earned through ways other than editing. Here is a quick rundown of how Luna Coin works and depending on the feedback the idea will either be scrapped or put into use to test out how the system works in actual situations.

How does someone get Luna Coins? This is probably the biggest and most important questions. Well here’s a list of way, which might be expanded if you guys can come up with more ideas.

  • Having joined the wiki for at least three days you will instantly be graced with 100 LC to start out with.
  • Every 5 consistent days on the wiki will award you 50 LC. A screenshot must be provided showing that your days counter ends in a 5 or a 0.
  • Every 100 edits you will be given 100 LC.
  • Luna Coins may be given as prizes in contests.
  • Getting a Lucky Edit badge will grant you 100 LC.
  • Getting a golden badge for editing will grant you 75 LC.

Now, you have all these Luna Coins, but what do you spend them on? Good question! The Wiki Store will remain open, but prices will be tweaked and new services may be added. When the Wiki Store is ready for business you all will be notified and able to begin making purchases.

Also, individual users can charge for their own unique services as well! A new board will be made in the forums for anyone who wants to advertise their services. Please keep in mind that these services should be appropriate and shouldn’t require divulging personal information (That’s why we aren’t using real money!).

If you’re unsure what types of services you could possibly sell, here are some ideas:

  • Drawing commissions
  • Coding requests
  • Writing requests (Huehuehue for you fanfiction hungry peeps)
  • Pretty much anything and everything that can be traded online that isn’t really inappropriate

Also, because of this new add on to our wiki there will be two new Staff slots open called “Treasurer”. Treasurers should be competent in math and very active so they can monitor Luna Coin transactions and prevent any dishonesty or miscalculations. Currently, Mavis will be a temporary Treasurer until we get two users interested in the position. So please share your opinions and if you need clarifications please ask :3

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