This April is going to be ODAD hype month! Now what is a hype month? It's pretty much an entire month dedicated to updates, art, and tasty bits of lore! 

Every day in April a new piece of lore related content will be released! Whether it's an update, a detailed piece of art, a character sheet, a playlist or a description of a specific setting. All of these items may help clarify what's going on, add evidence for theories, or even generate new theories themselves. 

All of this will lead up to a Q&A session on April 29th! The Q&A may be streamed live on my Twitch, but only if enough of you show interest! For those of you who don't know, on my stream there is an in-stream currency called Bears. You get one Bear per minute of watching my stream. You can then use these Bears to redeem cool stuff! To get the live Q&A you all will need to donate your Bears and back the project! If 400 Bears are donated by March 24th, consider the live Q&A a given! However if we do not meet our goal the questions will instead be posted as comments on a specific blog. The questions can still be asked and answered, it just may not be as fun. 

For more info on bears or to back the live Q&A go here:

Update: We've reached our goal for the live Q&A!

So, see you all on April first!

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