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It's back! I'm so happy that the wiki is still thriving with enough people to carry on this still somewhat new tradition! I'm also honored that I get to host it this year upupupu.

So, for those of you who may be new to the wiki this contest is something to help us all get in the spoopy spirit! Participants get their spoopiest icons and compete in this contest to see who truly knows how to get in the Halloween spirit. Last year there were four categories, Creepy, Cute, Gorey and Nightmare Fuel. The winners were Dreyus, Me, Ryule and Mal, respectively. So the question is can we still hold on to our titles?

Also this year I'm adding a new category to help give more people a chance to win! This category is going to be labeled "Fandom" and pretty much is any halloween themed icon related to a specific fandom, but note that it doesn't have to be Dreamt. The other categories are pretty self explanatory.

Creative is also a category for any icons that may not quite fit into another category/are more interesting than anything else/are original works.

The contest is divided up into voting rounds per category. Like last year, there will be four rounds of voting, then a special extra 2 rounds for the winners of each category to determine what icon is the very best of them all! 

Icon submission runs from now until Sunday October 2nd. To submit your icon, post the picture of it and the category you are placing it under. The first voting session will begin October 3rd and will last for 4 days.

Prizes are currently being decided, but like last year badges will be given to the winners of each category.



Individual Categories

  1. A badge indicating you won for your category, 250 Luna Coins, A free commision from Aaron
  2. A badge indicating you were a runner up for your category, 150 Luna Coins
  3. 100 Luna Coins

Ultimate Icon Voting

  1. An additional badge indicicating your icon was the very best, 400 additional Luna Coins, An additional free commision from Aaron
  2. An additional badge indicating your runner-up status, 300 additional Luna Coins, An additional free commision from Aaron (Not in color)
  3. 200 additional Luna Coins, a small bust commision from Aaron

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