So, for those of you who don't know, I've started streaming about once a week. I used to stream on Picarto but that's super duper laggy and freezes a lot so I switched over to Twitch. I'm going to try to stream as often as possible between the times of 5pm-8pm US Eastern Time for weekdays and 12pm-4pm for weekends or holidays. I'll probably post a little message when I start streaming on here so you guys can join in. 

I don't stream games, at least not for now. I stream DD related art, which will mostly be the Lucid Fever related these days. Sometimes I read the chat, though most of the time I don't so sorry if I don't respond to questions! If you have a question aimed at me the best thing to do is just send me a text. The only small warning I have about the stream is that the music can sometimes be NSFW because of cursing so if you're in public you may want to mute it or keep the volume low.

Here's my Twitch channel:

Also if you know any streaming sites that may be better than Twitch or Picarto please tell me! I'm open to trying new places to get the best experience for you guys!

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