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So I decided I'd start doing little blogs here and there to talk about all the new changes that are coming to the wiki or have already arrived and you guys can tell me if you see any bugs, suggest new changes, or tell me if something just isn't working out.

Right now the biggest changes that are being applied are the navigation boxes, which are being added to all the pages. Down below is what they all look like as of right now! There are a few very small bugs with them, but they only show up when they aren't on actual pages. You may see that there are categories on here that normally would not be on a blog. This is because of that click for more button. I can't seem to prevent it from adding categories to things. But don’t worry this doesn’t affect the pages they appear on at all.


Other changes have come to our chat which I’m sure you’ve seen by now. There is a cool new emoticon button added and I’ve been trying to get the chat a day and night mode like on the Steven Universe Wiki, but it hasn’t been showing up. I’m thinking it most likely is a problem with the JS which will take forever to test and correct because of how Wikia needs everything to be approved before it can be published ;-;.

Speaking of JS I added cutesy user tags! You can suggest more tags if you’d like but make sure they’re appropriate. So far we have Graphic Designer, Game Dev, Security Guard and Valued Editor. You can also ask me to give you a tag on my wall, but be aware that because of how JS is set up it can take two to three days before you can get your tag.

I’m also wondering if we should add infoboxes to our pages, kind of like how the Conscious Dreaming wiki has them. Of course this would take a lot of effort to add onto every single page and the infoboxes are pretty big. I’m trying to see if there are smaller versions we could possibly use but so far I haven’t had much luck.

Currently these are all the technical updates I have :3 I might make more blog posts for any new updates depending.

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