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  • The Fallen Protector

    Its the second night of being seperated. Where are you all?

    I'm with Zeke, Collin, Zyla, Mal, and Caine. We are at this wierd hotel filled with all these gorgeous people (don't laugh) but here's the catch: THEY SAY NOTHING AND ARE REALLY ROBOTIC. So, we are in a freaky hotel and here is everyone's status:

    Zeke: trying to make a plan for saving dreyus

    Collin: Crying about how everyone is probably dead

    Zyla: trying to stay calm

    Mal: won't stop bitching about how we need to find Dreyus

    Caine: won't stop bitching about how we need to find Ash

    Me: won't stop telling everyone to shutup

    So yeah what's up with you guys?

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