Hello Friends!

It is me, Douglas. I'm not here to harm you, I'm here to share information. Your beautiful leader, Dreyus, has agreed to trade with me for information. She didn't trade anything major so don't fret. I'm here to withhold my end of the bargain, and I hope she withholds hers. So here it goes, your unfiltered information about the Dream Dimension. What Are You All You have all been wondering this. Well you are all either Curves, Telepaths, Break-outs, a combination of two or, in some rare cases, all three. Curves are people who have the ability to travel through different dimensions extremely easily. Most people in the Dream Dimension are Curves. Telepaths are mind readers. The way they get into the Dream dimansion is by linking with either a Curve's or Break-out's mind and then being able to get their selves into the Dimension. Most Telepaths have very small abilities and usually aren't aware of the fact that their linking with someone's mind. A good amount of Dimensionians are Telepaths. Break-outs are extremely rare. They are people who were once born and raised in the Dream Dimension but then figured out a way to travel into the Mundane Realm. Usually though, after a Break-out does this they develop mental problems. Autistics tend to be Break-outs.

What Exactly Is The Dream Dimension

The Dream Dimension is an alternate reality, similar to the one that we live in. The reason we can travel to it is because it is a sister dimension of this one. A sister dimension tends to mirror and relate to it's other. Now the Dream Dimension is like any other so some of the people you see are a part of it comepletely, meaning they were born there and it is all they know. To them our dimension is the one they see in thier dreams. Everyone is attatched to the Dream Dimension in a way, but only a small percentage is part of the consious area. The Dimension is split in half. Those background people you see with blank expressions are part of the unconscious portion. That's why they don't react. They are pretty much like robots.

I hope I cleared up some things, more intel will be provided once dreyus finishes the trade. For now that's it.



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