I know to most of you my word means crap but just read this, okay, because I swear this is probably the best thing that I will ever say.

You all feel like shit. All of you. Not just Doe, or Aaron, or Noemi, or Drake. All of you. It's not like we're stuck in a nice happy place filled with rainbows and unicorns and perfect families and people that always have eyes. We are in a cruel, merciless, worse-than-hell death hole that we can't escape.

But if the world around us is dark we're just gonna have to find a flash light or a box of matches and make our own light. We have to stop looking for a way out because there is none. We can't go find a better place. We have to make this place better. And that means having a little stupid as fuck thing called hope.

I know you're laughing Noemi. You too, Zeke. But we need it.

We all get thrown down, and beat on, and we don't get the respect we deserve. We try to be heroes and end up as villains in everyone else's eyes. We try to make things better but end up fucking it up even more. And you know what? At least we fucking tried. So what if you get thrown down? I heard that it's warmer down low than it is up high. Just ask mal. Who wants to build a bed on a montain when they could curl up in a little warm burrow?

And when you get beat? Take that pain and savour it. It means your still alive, here, with all of us and that within itself is a bloody miracle.

When you aren't given respect brush it off. They're just jackasses who don't deserve your attention. Because they may not give you respect but we do. Deep inside I think all of us (even me and Iris and Sadao) respects everyone with a deep passion. It's just how Conscious role. We stick together.

And if you're a hero who's treated like a villain guess what? You helped someone, somewhere, and that makes you better than those critiques. They're just bull headed idiots who can't see both sides of the coin. They only see what's negative, or what makes good gossip, and they forget about everything else. And those people are absolutely disgusting.

But you all need to find your light in life. Your torch, match, flash light, night light, I don't care as long as it's a light. You need to find it and keep it close. And when those shadows are swirling around you you take that light and you cut the darkness with it. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that; hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." You kill that evil with all the good in your heart as small as it may be and you feel good about it because you did something, even if everyone else refuses to acknowledge it.

And I am a crappy writer, but you guys get my point. We are Conscious because we are strong minded individuals who were built to succeed. We break dimensions with nothing but our minds. If that isn't strong I don't know what is.

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