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    Alright guys, announcement time! We were sick of Wikia and the chat glitches/constant crashes so we got a Discord. Now anyone reading this is probably like, "But Nomeme, you're addicted to this wiki! How are you going to survive? How will I survive without this wiki?  

    What?" Now hold up there partners, the wiki isn't going anywhere! We're keeping it for informational purposes and I will forever see it as my duty to be on chat- Especially to help new people and be there for anyone who may need it. Also, just because we have Discord doesn't mean no one else will ever come on the chat either; it just means we have a new spot to engage in socially. 

    What Discord is

    To put it bluntly, Discord is just a chat app. You can use it on mo…

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  • The Wexy One

    Okay, so we have to improve some things for the wiki rn. 

    I say we stop trying so hard to bring everything back. Maybe we need to fight fire with fire. Instead of running the wiki like a business with gimmicks to get everyone back, let's just do things the old way. Have a meme war, post funny nonsense, and kick off the summer with some good ol' wiki togetherness. How about a summer blog? We can bring back Spamnation. Let's just roll with it, but also stay serious to a note. We want things to be like they USED to be. Let's forget all our social standings and problems for a little. Let's be those quirky kids who got rejected at school and rejoiced here by posting puns and memes and talking about the good times. It's SUMMER for fuck's sake, ha…

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  • The Wexy One

    Dearest family,

    As you know, I have been having internet troubles. I am sorrowed to say that I need to wait another painful night until the new router ships to our house. However, I refuse to sit in my house and wallow in the pain of loneliness! I am writing to you all from the house of one of my school friends, but the journey here was truly a crusade worth remembering. It was after lunch at about 1:47pm and the true loneliness and realization had settled into my soul. I trekked up a few blocks to the corner bakery and bought a coffee. I was crushed with a weight of despair as the woman at the counter then told me that they didn't have wifi, but I was not discouraged! I went across the street to Italian deli and bought a pastry, but much t…

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  • The Wexy One

    Hello my fellow wiki family members,

    I have a few things that I think we all should talk about.

    First off, I would like warn you all not to have intercourse with any pies. (Shout out to the person who came on chat last night with the username!)

    Now let's get down to bussiness.

    A new idea has arisen, dd wiki themed mini-games. Something like a twist to the Google Chrome dinosaur cactus-jumping game, but for the wiki. They could be installed for people to play them when chat's down, when people are on the wiki alone *AHEM ME EVERY DAY I'M THE OFFICIAL WIKI SECRUITY GUARD DREYUS SAID SO*, or just for the fun of them. Our fandom is expanding, as it always is. But look at the possibility before us! If we could create such games, it would decrease t…

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  • The Wexy One

    Don't Worry

    July 23, 2015 by The Wexy One

    I think my mom is taking me to the hospital because my fever went up high and I'm finding myself very dehydrated and breathing heavy. Don't worry about me, guys, I'll try to be back soon and I love you all. I'm going to try and get better.


    Noemi (at 2:57am American Eastern Time)

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