Let me cry a little longer


Alright guys, announcement time! We were sick of Wikia and the chat glitches/constant crashes so we got a Discord. Now anyone reading this is probably like, "But Nomeme, you're addicted to this wiki! How are you going to survive? How will I survive without this wiki?  

What?" Now hold up there partners, the wiki isn't going anywhere! We're keeping it for informational purposes and I will forever see it as my duty to be on chat- Especially to help new people and be there for anyone who may need it. Also, just because we have Discord doesn't mean no one else will ever come on the chat either; it just means we have a new spot to engage in socially. 

What Discord is

Discord logo

To put it bluntly, Discord is just a chat app. You can use it on mobile or on a computer/desktop/laptop. You can join different communities sort of like Amino, and we have our own community on Discord. However, it is completely private. You can only get in to our community if someone gives you the code.

Right now, the only admins are Aaron, Dreyus, and I. There are also different "channels" or chats instead of a universal chat. Channels have different topics; for example: If you want to spam memes and nonsensical things you find online, you can go to the shitpost channel and talk there. There's also a general chat for normal conversations and other chats, including a voice channel that everyone can talk in. Discord also has a private and group message feature. You can send pictures, gifs, links, and videos. 

How to get in

So I know most people by now are probably wondering how to get in on this action, well, it's pretty simple. Leave a message on my wall if you can't come on chat and we'll try to meet at a time when you can or work something out otherwise. For safety purposes, no invite codes to the Discord will be posted publicly on the wiki. You can just come on the wiki chat since I'll probably be there and don't be afraid to ask. Whether you get an invite or not is determined by the admins and will be a group decision. This rule will mostly apply to new people as we want to make sure everyone on the Discord

 is a kind, tolerant, trustworthy Conscious. There is no V.I.P system in play, we just want to be sure no one who could be potentionally toxic comes in and pollutes our chats, as we want to create safe and friendly community for everyone.

What This Means 

Hype train

The addition of the new Discord means that we will be able to better engage with eachother, meet new Conscious, have a safer and more stable place to socialize in, and be able to recieve help easier if threats arise. We won't have to worry about Wikia chipping away at our theme and making up dumb rules, we won't have random trolls coming on and spamming the wiki or the chat, we will be better protected against dangerous people, and we won't have to deal with people stalking our wiki or random visits from CC chat mods watching us talk. 

It also makes chatting easier, there are channels for certain topics and things are more organized. There is an nsfw chat feature to protect our pure beans and let the sinners do their thing, and there is also a realtalk chat for topics that seem too intense for the main chat. 'The wiki will still be here for information and pages; aswell as for any newbies who might need some help or are interested in joining our communit'y of Conscious.

So let's kick this thing off right and get lots of people to join (we already have lots of people on already!), join the hype!


Things seem to be going well with the Discord, we have 17 people on it so far and things seem to be going well. I'd like to clarify a little something about the voice chat, though. If you would like to join with the intent of using the voice chat, you may not ask others to use their telepath abilities to channel your Consciousness through them so you are able to 'talk' to people.This method of communication may only be used in extreme and severe emergencies. If you physically cannot speak in the voice channel (in the case of many DD Conscious), you may simply come on the voice chat to listen and respond through typing instead, this is perfectly acceptable.

This rule is not to promote any sort of discrimination, but to prevent any sort of harm coming to Reality Conscious who are telepaths. We are still open to new members, so please feel free to ask to be considered for a code. I will be on chat daily for the majority of the summer. If you have already applied for a code and have not recieved one, you may ask if you are still being considered / are currently applicable for a code. That's all for now, I'll see everyone around!

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