Dearest family,

As you know, I have been having internet troubles. I am sorrowed to say that I need to wait another painful night until the new router ships to our house. However, I refuse to sit in my house and wallow in the pain of loneliness! I am writing to you all from the house of one of my school friends, but the journey here was truly a crusade worth remembering. It was after lunch at about 1:47pm and the true loneliness and realization had settled into my soul. I trekked up a few blocks to the corner bakery and bought a coffee. I was crushed with a weight of despair as the woman at the counter then told me that they didn't have wifi, but I was not discouraged! I went across the street to Italian deli and bought a pastry, but much to my demise they did not have wifi either. I began to walk home to sixth street, latte and pastry in hand. The weight of my laptop seemed to pull me down like the crippling loneliness that was invested in my very soul from spending the morning listening to my grandmother's ramblings. Then I remembered, on fourth street, my friend lived there. I called her and I greeted her across the street. I ran into the warmth of her house and gave her the pastry. She gave me her laptop, and now I am here. I thought back between fifth and sixth street that my luck had run out, but I had been wrong! I will always prevail. The new router will come tomorrow and I'll be back in business. See you all then.


Noemi the Security Guard

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